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My work breaks down into two main categories. The first  is based on observation and attempts to capture an intimate sense of vision. These include my still lifes which stress a very loose and painterly brushwork as well as the slightly more realist dummy paintings. The other reveals itself in my figurative works that emerge from the imagination and are based on creating a more sculptural sense of plastic form. They are constructed from a sound knowledge of anatomy and are expressive in both form and colour with an emphasis on human psychological presence.

I try to paint as if I was dancing or playing, not concerned about what it means as much as how it feels. When one dances the dance is the point. It's not just to get from one side of the room to the other but to be truly alive in the process. It begins to work for me when I stop being clever, when I abandon a strategy for my project and let what for me is the natural act of painting take over, although living at this point in history it's hard to know what is natural.

The best music is not about something but its own inner logic, a logic that in its undulation, its own appearing and disappearing, gives us a glimpse of the universal. This is what I strive for in my work, to let the painting's own inner logic, its own inner form, come to life.

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Thomas Anfield - Japanese Bowl - click for larger image

Japanese Bowl
12 x 12 Inches 
acrylic on canvas
Thomas Anfield - Coffee - click for larger image

30 x 34 Inches 
acrylic on canvas
Thomas Anfield - East Meets West - click for larger image

East Meets West
30 x 36 Inches 
acrylic on canvas
Thomas Anfield - Pitcher with Lemons - click for larger image

Pitcher with Lemons
36 x 46 Inches 
acrylic on canvas
Thomas Anfield - Glass Vases - click for larger image

Glass Vases
30 x 34 Inches 
acrylic on canvas
Thomas Anfield - Two Purses - click for larger image

Two Purses
30 x 30 Inches 
acrylic on canvas
Thomas Anfield - Still Life with Blue Teapot - click for larger image

Still Life with Blue Teapot
34 x 30 Inches 
acrylic on canvas
Thomas Anfield - Four Designer Purses - click for larger image

Four Designer Purses
36 x 40 Inches 
acrylic on canvas
Thomas Anfield - I'm a Little Teapot - click for larger image

I'm a Little Teapot
12 x 12 Inches 
acrylic on canvas
Thomas Anfield - Crouching Woman - click for larger image

Crouching Woman
30 x 22 Inches 
acrylic on canvas
Thomas Anfield - Apples with Pitcher - click for larger image

Apples with Pitcher
34 x 40 Inches 
acrylic on canvas
Thomas Anfield - Dusk - click for larger image

16 x 16 Inches 
acrylic on canvas
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1985-86  New York Academy of Art (Masters Program)
1983      New York Art Students League
1980-81  Fine Arts Department Langara

Solo Exhibitions
2004  Gallery 83, Vancouver
2003  Columbia St Studio, Vancouver
2000  Michaud House Gallery, Vancouver
1996  Keith Alexander Gallery, Vancouver
1995  Grunt Gallery , Vancouver(curated by Glen Alteen)
1995  Quay Gallery, Gibsons
1994  Robert Delaney Gallery, Vancouver
1993  Soul Art Gallery, Vancouver
1992  Barton Leir Gallery, Victoria
1992  Park Theater Gallery, Vancouver
1992  Gallery Alpha, West Vancouver
1991  Open Space Gallery, Victoria
1990  DuMaurier Int. Jazz Festival
1989  Jacqueline M Gallery , Vancouver
1987  Jacqueline M Gallery , Vancouver
1986  Jacqueline M gallery , Vancouver
1984  Zen, Vancouver
1983  Phoenix Gallery, Vancouver
1982  Vancouver East Cultural Centre

Group Exhibitions
1998  ART 98 Vancouver
1995  Currents Exhibition of contemporary Art, Vancouver
1994  Co-ordinator Window Art Gallery, DVBIA, Vancouver
1993  Gallerie Nationale, Dakar, Senegal
1993  Bibliotheque Nationale, Abidjian, Cote d'Ivoire
1993  Accra Arts Centre, Accra, Ghana
1993  Centre Cultural Francais, Yaounde, Camaroun
1993  The Canadian Club, Lagos, Nigeria
1992  Gabriel Flores Museum, University of Guadalajara, Mexico
1992  Salon de Plastica Mexicana, Mexico city, Mexico
1992  Nancy Poole's Studio, Toronto, Ontario
1991  Fertility Rites Gallery Alpha, West Vancouver
1991  Galeria Estacion, Cuernavaca, Mexico
1991  Jardin Borda, Cuernavaca, Mexico
1988  Firehall Theatre, Vancouver
1985  Unit Pitt Gallery, Vancouver
1984  Warehouse Show, Vancouver


1998-04 Vancouver Academy of Art- Drawing and Painting

Performance Based Work
2004 The Narthex World Premiere 5th International Dance Festival
hosted by Ballet Moskva. Moscow. Russia
plus a requested performance of the Monkeys Maskt
The Narthex Praxis performed a the Elliott Louis Gallery
2003 Half A Tank, Radix Theatre
2003 Lacunae, Press Play III, Scotia Dance Centre
2002 "East"Vancouver East CulturalCentre
2001 East, Gallery Gachet, Benefit for Hijos
2001 Tofu Tutu Photon Futon, The Round House, Pride in Art
2000 Pontormo Part 1, Crying Room
2000 Nature Mortre, Dynamo Art Centre
2000 The Monkey's Mask, Father Brian's Solstice
2000 Butoh-A-Go-Go @ The Michaud Gallery
1999 Butoh-Ago-Go @ Parade of Lost Souls
1999 Butoh-Ago-Go @ Circus of Dreams, with Uzume Taiko
1999 Dancing on the Edge of the Fringe, Fringe Festival
1999 Butoh-Ago-Go @ The Lost Lagoon, Stanley Park
2003 live painting\performance with Kokoro dance,"Sheepman Dreams", Vancouver International Dance festival
2003 "Threshold" solo performance , Columbia Street Studio, Vancouver
2002 guest performance withTalking Pictures Vancouver International Jazz Festival
2002 Graphitti by Vincent Wong at The 1067
2002 Invisible University with Brad Muirhead, the Crying Room , Vancouver
2002 P performance with Talking Pictures and Radix theatre, Wise Hall, Vancouver
2000 Performance with Talking Pictures, John Lennon tribute
1998 With Yumiko Yoshioki Workshop, Western Front, Vancouver
1997 International Aids Day performance organised by Alvin Toltino, Vancouver
1990 City on the Edge, Vancouver Art Gallery, Kokoro dance production
with KoKoro dance
1999 EarthDance, Live Web Linked International dance benefit for Tibet, Stanley Park, Vancouver
1999 "Verdant Stones"Vancouver International Folk Festival
1999 98 97Wreck Beach Butoh
1998 Popping the Quiff, Roundhouse, Vancouver
1998 Vancouver International Folk Festival
1997 "The River" Firehall Arts Centre, Vancouver
1997 Vancouver International folk Festival
1997 "Moan" Under the Volcano Festival, North Vancouver

Multi Media
THE POST CECIL TAYLOR GARAGE MUSIC ORCHESTRA - A big band of 8- 12 players conducted by graphic gestures, featuring Kate Hammett-Vaughn, Ron Samworth, Danny Kane, Al Wiertz, Bill Clark, Brad Muirhead and Others
1992 New Music Across America, Vancouver
1991 DuMaurier International Jazz Festival, Vancouver

BIG BAD DAD - A multi media jazz- rock extravaganza featuring Ron Samworth, Barry Taylor, Mark Campbell and performer\vocalist Ron Poutt with visuals, dancers, tape loops and samples. FEATURED PERFORMANCES: 1992 Masque of the Red Death, Vancouver; 1991 Time Flies, Glass Slipper, Vancouver

THE PALETTE CLEANSERS - Harmolodic free form Quartet featuring Danny Kane and Al Weirtz
1990 City on the Edge, Vancouver Art Gallery, Kokoro dance production
KILL BLARK - Free Jazz Quintet Featuring Roger Baird, Danny Kane, Bill Clark Brad Muirhead
RANCID DOG - Hardcore improvisation\noise band featuring Avi Shack, Barry Taylor, Mark Campbell
DOG TRIO - Guitar Drums Turntables featuring Avi Shack turntables
Other musicians I,ve had the opportunity of performing live with include, Peggy Lee, John Korsrud, Dennis Esson, Mark Rodgers, Graham Ord, Pogo and the Revolution, Stan Taylor, Tony Wilson

Production Design
1997 Mural for Kokoro Dance production "Sunyata" with Richard Tetrault
1994 Set Painting and Design for "Rogues" Caravan Farm Theatre, Armstrong B.C.
1992 Set Painting and Design for "Strange Medicine" Caravan Farm Theatre, Armstrong B.C.
1992 3-Dimensional Figures for Kokoro Dance Production "Bats"
1991 First Mural for Kokoro Dance Production of "Sunyata" with Richard Tetrault
1990 Painted sets for "City On the Edge" Kokoro Dance, Vancouver Art Gallery
1989 Xmas Windows, Hudsons Bay Dept Store, Vancouver with Philip Tidd
1987 Backdrop for "Angry Housewives" Arts Club Theatre
1985 Multimedia Illustration and Slide presentation for International Year of the Youth musical production "In my Room"

2003 CD cover Primal Orbit, "ignition"
2000 Book Cover, Ravens Flight, Raincoast Books
1999 Cigar Lovers Handbook ,Raincoast Books
1996 logo art Prussin Music
1994 Calendar, Vancity Credit Union
1992 CD cover for Brass Roots, "Laconda Rift"
1992 CD cover for Roots Roundup, "What We Do"
1991 CD cover for Brass Roots, self titled
1990 CD cover for Vancouver Ensemble of Jazz Improvisation, "VEJI NOW"
1987 Album Cover for Vancouver Ensemble of Jazz Improvisation,self titled

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