Richard Tetrault

"The immediate urban environment provides me with the starting point for most of my paintings and prints. The shifting dynamics of the street is a collage of images and encounters that are both edgy and full of primal vitality. I improvise freely on observed realities, and am interested in exposing the layers that can be found within the commonplace, emphasizing the mythic within the mundane."   - Richard Tetrault

Photo by Alex Waterhouse-Hayward


Richard Tetrault is a painter, printmaker and muralist living in Vancouver, Canada.  His work explores universal themes of the figure and the urban landscape.  Richard's paintings, prints and murals fuse together allegorical figures with urban landscapes, creating a timeless space that invites the viewer to look through windows into both the past and the future. From 'Painted Lives and Shifting Landscapes' -  Pam Fairfield

While Tetrault's studio work reflects the dynamics of the city, his murals are an attempt to directly influence the physical texture of the street.  He is known for initiating large-scale community projects and collaborations, working in a broad range of materials and concepts.  These works have brought the artist recognition as both a teacher and as an innovative public artist.  In the past severeal years, Tetrault has participated with the Canada-based art group, La Raza, on mural initiatives in Canada, Argentina and Mexico.

A recent book on Tetrault, Painted Lives and Shifting Landscapes (Anvil Press, 2004), profiles several decades of his work.
Solo Exhibitions
2008     Urban Topographies  St Thomas-Elgin Art Centre, Ontario
2006     Havana  Anodyne 2 Gallery, Palm Desert CA
2004     Havana Nights  Art and Soul Gallery, Vancouver BC
2003     Painted Stories: Visualizing the Downtown Eastside The Interurban,  Vancouver BC
2002     Red Divide  Vancouver East Cultural Centre, Vancouver BC
2001     Harbours  Vancouver Maritime Museum, Vancouver BC
2001     Urban Excavations Simon Fraser University, Burnaby BC
1999     Heat 2 Oceans 23 Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
1996     Crow  Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond BC
1991     Baskets of Fire  Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond BC
1990     Threshold  Galerie Beaux Arts, Toronto, ON
1987 - 89  Jacqueline M Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1986       Firehall Theatre, Vancouver BC
1986       Surrey Art Gallery, Surrey BC
1985       Sunshine Coast Arts Centre, Sechelt BC
1983       Carnegie Community Centre, Vancouver BC
1983       Vancouver East Cultural Centre, Vancouver BC

Group Exhibitions
2008     Group, Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver BC
2008     Kuwait / Canada exhibition
2007     Salon de Pastica Mexicana, Mexico City
2005 - 06  Trilateral Print Exchage (Japan, Canada, The Netherlands), Malaspina printmakers
2004     Gallerie Rocambour, France
2003     What a Relief!  Evergreen Cultural Centre, Coquitlam BC
2002     Vertical Stories, Galleria Sztuki, Olsztyn, Poland
2002     Surrey Art Gallery, Surrey BC
2001     Just to Print  Dundarave Gallery, West Vancouver BC
1999     Srinakharnwirot University-International Exhibit, Bankok Thailand
1999     Seymour Art Gallery, North Vancouver BC
1997     Crow Campbell River Art Gallery, Campbell River BC
1992/ 93  Arts in Action Touring Exhibit, Mexico
1992     Salon de Plastica Mexicana, Mexico City
1991     Jardin Borda, Cuernavaca, Mexico
1990     Art Against Racism Canada / US Touring Exhibit
1989     Art Against Racism Vancouver BC
1986     Art About Issues Surrey Art Gallery, Surrey BC
1984     Warehouse Show, Vancouver BC
1983     Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond BC
1993     Maastrich International Print Exhibition, Maastrich, Holland
1993     Arts in Action Touring Exhibit, West Africa