Johnny Taylor

I do not work from sketches, photos or reference points.  My work is born of an image in the mind, an intention, a concept.  I use the act of painting to propel the work.  The paint is applied by varying means and utensils in response to the surfaces I am working with. Spontaneous marks and gestures define the image and the work emerges as a fusion of idea and action.

My compositions incorporate distillations of visual phenomena the city, structures, patterns of trees and nature however I do not seek to represent specific subjects.  I am responding to the energies, forces and indefinite aspects of an active matrix.  I believe there is something of the alchemist in the painter.

Johnny Taylor, born in Cobourg Ontario and now working and residing in Vancouver B.C. is a self taught painter. He works primarily in large scale in an
abstract impressionist manner.

In 2004 and 2005 Taylor was chosen as a Merit Scholarship Candidate for the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

For the past seven years Taylor has been vigorously  pursuing his current methodology,  mounting two large scale independent exhibitions.