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Rusnak's drawings and tiny paintings, composed of numerous layers, are informed by her time in the natural world as well as by representations that describe nature such as: digital images, scientific representation as well as natural and manmade patterns. Lichen, nests, fungi and tree galls hold a particular fascination for Rusnak who is also curious about how natural phenomena can be interpreted as metaphors for feelings and emotions.

Rusnak's painting process is organic and emergent. She builds up the dozens of layers of colours, shapes, patterns and textures that intertwine, overlap and obscure each other. Fragments of the natural world show through and then are immersed again into the complex arrangement of layers. Often she creates unusual effects in the work by using inventive painting techniques, such as employing sanders, grinders and dremmels as mark-making tools.

Her art practice also includes a branch of research where she investigates ecologically sound/non-toxic art practices. She makes her own watercolour and oil paints from earth pigments and other natural ingredients. Her sculptural work is made from materials such as: reeds, willow wax, paper, wool and natural dyes.

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Tamara Rusnak currently lives in Vancouver, BC. She recently completed her MFA at the University of Regina.

2008-2011  MFA University of Regina, SK
1990-1997  BA, BEd  (Art, French) University of British Columbia, BC
1995          L’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des beaux-arts Paris, France

Group Exhibitions
2011    They’re All Hybrids, Propeller Gallery, Toronto, ON
2010    An Ecology of Feeling, MFA Graduating Exhibition, Mackenzie Art Gallery, Regina, SK  
2010    Drawn, Juried Exhibition as part of the Drawn Festival, Pendulum Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2010    Holons, With Monique Blom, Fifth Parallel Gallery, Regina, SK
2006    Purcell Wilderness, Port Moody Arts Centre, Port Moody, BC
2005    Purcell Wilderness, Gateway Theatre, Richmond, BC
2002    Studio Blue Gallery, Vancouver, BC

2010    Art and Ecology,” CBC Radio Interview, June 2010
2010    Hailey Greke, “Holons on display at Fifth Parallel Gallery,” February 2010, INK
2006    Sarah Young, “Hiking through Purcell Park Inspired series of paintings,” February 15, 2006,The Tri-City News
2005    Michelle Hopkins “Richmond Artist goes wild with work,” The Richmond News December 20, 2005

2011    Governor General Gold Medal Award Nominee
2011    Saskatchewan Arts Board Emerging Artist Award
2010    Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research Graduate Scholarship
2009    Joseph Armand Bombardier Social Studies and Humanities Research Scholarship
2009    Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research SSHRC enhancement
2008    Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research Scholarship

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