Jeremy Isao Speier

MIJ: MADE IN JAPAN, (2006-2009)

A lot of my work is about duration - time and space, perception and memory. My kinetic work is visceral. I play with time and space and with the accumulation of time periods, and with the manipulation of time psychologically with the object in my kinetic work, or with scene-duration in my cinematic work.

I construct a fictional time that is leading the relationship with a subtext, utilizing nostalgia as a strategy, not just as nostalgia. I am working with the fragmentation of time, matter, and memory. I am interested in layers of time and space and the multiplicity of duration, which is heterogeneous.

Duration which in reality is incomplete and continuously growing with states not beginning or ending, but intermingling with one another, unextended, mobile and continuously interpenetrating itself.1 We have reached a difficult crossroads in the digital world, but it is in the duration that we can speak of the experience of freedom, and the inner life of man.2

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Jeremy Isao Speier is a Japanese-Canadian Vancouver-based interdisciplinary artist who graduated from Emily Carr College of Art & Design in 1992. He works in film/video, kinetic sculpture and sound, and installation. He has exhibited extensively across Canada in numerous solo and group exhibitions. He will be exhibiting in 2011 at Blim Arts Society and Powell Street Festival, and in 2012 at National Nikkei Museum.
2008  Blim Residency, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2006  Western Front New Media Residency, Vancouver, BC, Canada
1992  Graduated from the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Vancouver, BC, Canada          
Solo & Two Person Exhibitions
Solo Exhibitions

2008   Mechanical Universe, Blim Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2008   Hero, Rio Theatre, Vancouver, BC
2006   Kinetics: Made in Japan, Artist-in-Residence, Swarm7, Western Front, Vancouver, BC                      
2005   Oratory, Western Front, Vancouver, BC
2003   Kinetics, The Red Head Gallery, Toronto, ON
2003   Kinetics, Latitude 53 Contemporary Visual Culture, Edmonton, AB
1992   Iris, The Bee Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1992   Iris, A Walk Is Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1990   Touched Universe Combined, The Smash Gallery of Modern Art, Vancouver, BC
Two Person Exhibitions

2008   Salvage: Made in Japan, Elissa Cristall Gallery, Vancouver, BC  
2003   Counterpoint: local hangouts, Kinetics, Everybody Hz, Access Artist Run Centre, Vancouver
2003   Electric City: a city-wide festival organized by Vancouver New Music, Vancouver, BC
Group Exhibitions
2010   MAA, Museum for the Administration of Aesthetics, Vancouver, BC
2008   Ground Zero Redux: Kinetics, Helen Pitt Gallery ARC, Vancouver, BC
2007   Tales From The Cyclops Library, Third Space Art Gallery, Saint John, NB
2006   Merzbau: Kinetics, Western Front, Vancouver, BC
2005   Cyclops Dreams: Artistís Books, Comics and Zines, Access Artist Run Centre, Vancouver, BC
2005   Raise Hands All Those, Gallery 101, Ottawa, ON; The Ministry of Casual Living, Victoria, BC
2005   The Infinity Project: Kinetics, The Helen Pitt Gallery ARC, Vancouver, BC
2004   Clean Cut:  Kinetics, p|m Gallery, Toronto, ON, (Abelow, Corsano, Licari, Smith, Sola, Speier)
1997   Urban Aesthetic, 0-Rpm, Am & Fm, Cali, A Walk Is Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1996   Clock work, A Walk Is Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1996   Stranger Than Outer Space, Pacific Space Centre, Space Arm Museum, Vancouver, BC
1992   Nexus 8, Charles H. Scott Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1992   Iris, programme 3, Emily Carr College Of Art & Design, Vancouver, BC
1991   Iris, Studio One EN>tu 1989   MonoPrint, Seymour Art Gallery, North Vancouver, BC
1987   Self Portrait, juried exhibition (VSB), Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC
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2005-present   Instructor for Douglas Park Association (DPCC)
2005-2009       Art workshops with children for NSGP, funded by Vancouver Foundation
Visiting Artist Lectures
2009   University of British Columbia, Hero, preview & talk for Manuel Pina, Vancouver, BC  
2008   Blim Arts Society, Blue Velvet limited edition, Oratory screening, Artist-Talk, Vancouver, BC
2008   Emily Carr University, Interview in the studio by Sandra Semchuk, Vancouver, BC
2007   VIVO CUE-UP, Excerpt screening of Jeremy Isao Speierís film Oratory, Vancouver, BC
2006   Kinetics: Made in Japan,  Artist-in-Residence, part of Swarm7, Western Front, Vancouver, BC
2005   Upgrade 2.0: Jeremy Isao Speier, Curated by Kate Armstrong, Western Front, Vancouver
Scholarships and Grants

2005   FAP Filmmakers Assistance Program: HERO, (Colour, HD DV, 68:00) Director Jeremy Isao Speier  
                   NFB ONF Pacific & Yukon Centre
2004   FAP Filmmakers Assistance Program: ORATORY, (B&W, 16mm - DVCAM, 28:04) Director Jeremy
                   Isao Speier NFB ONF Pacific & Yukon Centre $43,000 Total Budget
2004   P.A.F.P.S., Program to Assist Films in the Private Sector: ORATORY, (B&W, 16mm, 27:41)
                   Director Jeremy Isao Speier NFB National Film Board of Canada Vancouver $40,000 Budget