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My practice explores the mimetic relationship between the technological body and the somatic form. I work in several mediums including video, sculpture, and moving apparatuses. A subset of my practice represented in "Emergence: The Unexpected and the Unpredictable" consists of sculptural objects which reference modernist forms through industrial facture. In other words, I employ methods and materials common to industrial design practices to examine how tropes of modernism interface with our physical body.

In "Brice Marden Annexation", I used 3D CAD software to effectively add a 3rd dimension to a Brice Marden painting. Through the rapid prototyping method of SLA, the object was then printed in 3D. As such, the sculpture was not sculpted in the traditional sense. In fact, I would argue that it is not a sculpture at all but rather a representation of the design.

In "Half Life Mask", I cut pieces from several UV-decayed plastic shells of high technology devices and then reassembled them on top of my face, making a sci-fi cyborg-like replica of it. The method represents the indexical method of death masks and the connection between physiognomy and the blanketing of vulgar (inhuman) circuitry.

" His Master's Universe", a dense black sphere constructed from a stack of vinyl records, is titled in reference to the famous painting and RCA logo His Master's Voice which depicts a dog tricked by a phonograph.  The image connotes the historical moment mimicry entered the non-bodily form of technology (i.e. wires and grooves). The constructed sphere—the icon of the cosmos—suggest man's mastery of both physical form and the cryptography of information: silent sound mysteriously infused into vinyl.

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Scott Billings - Brice Marden Annexation - click for larger image

Brice Marden Annexation
10 x 8 x 8 Inches 
SLA 3D print
Scott Billings - Half Life Mask - click for larger image

Half Life Mask
2.5 x 7 x 4 Inches 
Scott Billings - His Master's Universe (This Too Solid Flesh) - click for larger image

His Master's Universe (This Too Solid Flesh)
8 x 10 x 10 Inches 
10-inch 78 rpm records
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2007-2009   UBC, MFA
2003-2007   Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, BFA
1997-2002   University of Waterloo, BASc (Mechanical Engineering)

Solo Exhibitions
2007   Point of View, Concourse Gallery, Solo installation in Media Gallery, Vancouver

Group Exhibitions
2009   Interrobang, Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, Vancouver
2009   Signal and Noise, VIVO (Video In Video Out), Vancouver
2009   City Shorts, Van City Theatre, Film Festival, Vancouver
2008   Being There & Elsewhere, Organ Gallery, Chongqing, China
2007   Rad∙i∙cle, Canvas Gallery, Vancouver
2007   Post, AMS SUB Gallery, UBC, Vancouver
2007   Talk to the Hands, Helen Pitt Gallery, Vancouver
2007   Enablers, Concourse Gallery, Vancouver,
2006   Visceral, Concourse Gallery, Vancouver
2005   Perception and Depiction, Concourse Gallery, Vancouver
2004   Painted, Subeez Gallery, Vancouver

2009   Andrew MacIntosh Book Prize, UBC
2006   Helen Pitt Award, Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design
2006   Friends of Sculpture Award, Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design
2004   Friends of Emily Carr Award, Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design

2008   SSHRC CGSM Scholarship Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada
          Graduate Scholarships Masters, UBC
2008   BC Arts Council Graduate Scholarship, UBC
2007   MFA Graduate Entrance Scholarship, UBC
2004   Mary Catherine Gordon Memorial Scholarship, Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design

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