Theresa Sapergia

The two series: "Canada Day"  and "Marksmanship" propose captive moments, bizarre outcomes and a possible place without people where unmodern desires begin to be sorted out one coveted object after another.

I work with corporeal metaphors and explicit enactions of subjective experience in order to voice the "extra-discursive": those lived moments that are silent in discourse.  My work describes the instant of relating and empathetic consequence inherent to placing ourselves within the picture.  As an artist, I see the represented body as a site of complex social negotiations, assumptions, and exchanges of power.

I am interested in that fleshy body that lifts, falls, hovers and searches for its own likeness, a figuration that wants to find similarity within an image made of marks and dust.   The transient form that is at once animal, magical, fantastical and ordinary.  These bodies share histories of objectification, exploitation, and colonization.  Human/ animal recognition is relating born of touch. To touch is to make oneself recognizable in turn.

Theresa Sapergia’s painterly drawings and drawerly paintings are based in a material exploration of figuration and a questioning of the historical tropes of representation.  Her work uses sentimentality, sincerity and humour to call into question contemporary art’s current relationship with irony and distancing.

Sapergia has exhibited across North America.  She lives in British Columbia where she is currently an instructor at Emily Carr Institute and a Tattoo Artist/Proprietor at Handsome Cabin Boy Tattoo.  
2005   MFA Concordia University
2001   BFA Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Vancouver, BC

Solo Exhibitions
2009    Pending, Cerasoli Gallery. Culver City, California.
2009    I Like Canada and Canada Likes Me, Two Rivers Gallery  Prince George, B.C.    
2009    Songs to Sing to Yourself, Valemount, B.C. Mackenzie, B.C. McBride, B.C.  
2009    Canada Day, The Parisian Laundry.  Montreal, QC      
2008    A Thousand Natural Shocks, Cerasoli Gallery.  Culver City, California.      
2008    In the Place I am Thinking Of, A.I.R. Gallery.  New York, NY
2007    Your Weakness Appeals to My Weakness, Katharine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects.  Toronto
2007    In the Place I am Thinking Of, The Parisian Laundry.  Montreal, QC    
2007    Message to Pretty, The Jason Downie Gallery.  Montreal, QC      
2006    Marksmanship (artist’s project in conjunction with “Pictures of Girls” group exhibition), Katharine
              Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects.  Toronto
2006    Feminist Stuntdouble (artist’s project in conjunction with “Decalage” group exhibition), The Parisian
              Laundry. Montreal, QC      
2005     A Minus, Bourget Gallery.  Montreal, QC      
2004     Sentimental Immensity,  Bourget Gallery.  Montreal, QC      
2003     Reasons to Say No to History (In Order of Importance), Studio Blue.  Vancouver, B.C.    
Group Exhibitions
2009     Drawn Festival, Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver      
2008     Splash, Cerasoli Gallery, Culver City, California.      
2008     Launch, Cerasoli Gallery, Culver City, California.      
2008     Pulse, Two Rivers Gallery, Prince George, B.C.
2008     Generations, A.I.R. Gallery, New York
2008     Captive Visions: Canadian Contemporary Art, Eli Klein, New York
2007     7th Biennial Exhibition, A.I.R. Gallery, New York
2007     Other Moments: New Sculpture, Photography and Art on Paper, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto
2007     Best of 2006: Award Winners from the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, First Canadian Place
               Gallery, Toronto
2006     Beyond Feminism: Women Artists Working in Female Iconography, Parisian Laundry, Montreal
2006     Body Notes, Faculty of Fine Arts Gallery, Concordia University, Montreal
2006     Summertime in Paris, Parisian Laundry, Montreal
2006     Making it Big, The Jason Downie Gallery                                                                
2005     Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto
2005     Wish You Were Here, A.I.R. Gallery, New York
2004     Dare Dare Depot, Dare Dare, Montreal        
2004     Paint!  Bourget Gallery, Montreal      
2003     by a measure of magnitude, (Two Person Show) VAV Gallery, Montreal        
2003     Salon Dollop, rad’a Gallery, Montreal
2002     Jewish Community Centre of Great Vancouver Annual Gala Auction, Jewish Community Centre of
               Greater Vancouver      
2001     SHE7 (She to the Seventh Power), Concourse Gallery, Vancouver
2001     11 Painters, Concourse Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.    

Commissions & Public Acquisitions
When and if You Go, Eagles in the City, Prince George, B.C.
In the Place I am Thinking of (Untitled Wolf Pack), The Aldo Group   Montreal
Marksmanship (Untitled Wolf Pack), Philip Andrew Hazen Architects and Designers, Montreal
Three works from the exhibition: sentimental immensity, Concordia University, Montreal
The Softness of the Weave and the Wetness of the Paint, Lidstone, Young, Anderson, Barristers and
   Solicitors, Vancouver.

Theresa Sapergia, by James D. Campbell, Border Crossings Issue #110    
Montreal Mirror cover and article by Sacha Jackson, January 2009      
Theresa Sapergia,, July 2008    
Shapes and She-Wolves, Montreal Mirror, Mar 29-Apr 4, 2007
Au-dela du feminisime, Le Devoir, November 11, 2006      
Women do Laundry, Montreal Mirror, August 4, 2006    
Tous pour la Peiture, La Presse Montreal, August 4, 2006
Toro Magazine, November 2005
effloressence,Surfacing Magazine, Vol.26 Summer 2005
Adbusters Magazine, Vol.9,No.1, Jan/Feb 2001
Adbusters Magazine, No.34, March/April 2001
2006    Drawing Award (Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition)  
2004    Mills Purchase Prize
Professional Experience
Sept 2008-  present    Instructor, Emily Carr Institute      
May 2007-  present     Tattoo Artist/Proprietor, Handsome Cabin Boy Tattoo, Prince George, BC    
Sept 2004- May 2007    Instructor,Concordia University, Montreal        
Sept 2002- April 2005   Tutorial Instructor and/or Teacher’s Assistant, Concordia University.  Montreal
July 2004    Painting Re-creation, “A Separate Reality: Norval Morriseau” CBC/ Perceptions Films        
April 2003   Installation Assistant (“Linda M. Montano: 14 Years of Living Art”) Saidye Bronfman Centre for
                        the Arts.  Montreal
April 2001   Curator “SHE7 (She to the Seventh Power)” Concourse Gallery, Vancouver  
Feb-June 2001   Guest Artist  (“Komar and Melamid: Canada’s Most Wanted and Unwanted Paintings”)
                                   Vancouver Art Gallery.                                                                                                                  
June-Sept 1999  Artist in Residence  (“Face to Face: Four Centuries of Portraiture”) Vancouver Art Gallery