Leia Rogers

Based in Vancouver, Leia Rogers studied painting at Emily Carr College of Art and received an Honors degree in Visual Art from the University of Victoria in 2001.


Leia Rogers' abstract paintings are influenced by the incorporation of nature within urban development and design.  Her works serve as a reminder of the processes by which nature is increasingly synthesized into a practical cosmopolitanism that appeals to style and efficiency.  Most recently, her abstracted landscapes attempt to break down natural and physical imagery borrowed, reduced, colour matched, and filtered until only a synthetic sense of nature, rather than an image of one, remains.


Leia's earlier three dimensional work explores the sculptural possibilities of the painted surface.  Made up of two or more converging and folding panels, the paintings are designed to mimic and contort the proportions of traditional painting supports.  The result is a body of work that usurps space three dimensionally while carefully retaining the properties of painting.


2001       Bachelor Degree Fine Arts; Honours Visual Arts
              University of Victoria, BC, Canada
              *Helen Pitt Award- Honourable Mention

96-97      Part-time Studies
              Emily Carr Institute, BC, Canada


              2005         Save for Web, Painting Exhibition
              Sugarandsugar, Vancouver, Canada
              2005         Project, Sculpture Installation, Room 209
              Dominion Hotel, Vancouver, Canada

              2004         Untitled, Painting Installation
              DV8, Vancouver, Canada

              2004         Untitled, Painting Installation
              Republica, Vancouver, Canada

              2003         Vs., Solo Painting Exhibition
          DV8, Vancouver, Canada

              2001         Medium Rare, Sculpture Installation
              University of Victoria, Victoria, Canada

              2000          Red and Yellow, Sculpture Installation
              University Of Victoria, Victoria, Canada