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As a painter, I have always been drawn to the landscape I see in the distance rather than the one I am standing in. Somehow my imagination fills the ambiguities created by distance with shapes and colours that convey wholeness and rest.  But whenever I drive or walk toward this promised land, it always recedes and remains unfulfilled. It has always been like this. So I have learned to stop this pursuit and paint what I imagine it to be because I realize this is not about a physical place after all.

These canvases are the products of powerful needs. They compensate for a sense of exile, and I labour to invest them with everything I yearn for.

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Richard Herman - Just Beyond - click for larger image

Just Beyond
18 x 24 Inches 
oil on canvas
Richard Herman - Quietude - click for larger image

36 x 48 Inches 
oil on canvas
Richard Herman - Radiant Stillness - click for larger image

Radiant Stillness
30 x 60 Inches 
oil on canvas
Richard Herman - Watercourse (diptych) - click for larger image

Watercourse (diptych)
36 x 72 Inches 
oil on canvas
Richard Herman - Shifting Shadows - click for larger image

Shifting Shadows
36 x 36 Inches 
oil on canvas
Richard Herman - Drifting - click for larger image

36 x 36 Inches 
oil on canvas
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Richard Herman was born in 1965 in London, England.  After immigrating to Canada in 1967, and spending his childhood in rural Ontario, he moved to Toronto in his early teens. He left home and school at the age of 16 following the death of his father, and it was at this point that Richard began to paint and resolved to make painting his lifeís work.

Without the benefit of formal training, Richard learned to paint with a process of trial and error rooted in a love of European art history. These first efforts were influenced, both in technique and style, by the crisp form and transparent colour of early Flemish and German painters such as Van Eyck and Bruegel

Now into his twenties, Richard underwent a change in perspective that focused on the transience of the world.  Seeking to depict forms that arise and pass away, he began experimenting with a wet-on-wet technique that drew inspiration from the Chinese and Japanese traditions of painting and calligraphy. The work that emerged from this approach showed a flowing world of clouds, geology and water courses.

Richardís recent work is a fusion of these two techniques and is evolving under the influence of travel, digital photography and a new found appreciation for such diverse historical sources as the prints of Hiroshige and 19th century American Luminism.

At present Richard is living in Toronto with his wife, Jennifer and son, William.

Solo Exhibitions
2007 - Seven Symbolic Paintings, Parts Gallery, Toronto
2007 - Urban and Rural Landscapes, Art Interiors, Toronto
2006 - The Promised Land, Agnes Bugera Gallery, Edmonton
2005 - New Works, Art Interiors, Toronto
2004 - Landscapes from Memory, Parts Gallery, Toronto
2002 - New Landscapes and Skyscapes, Art Interiors, Toronto

Two, Three and Four Artist Exhibitions
1997 - Blue Space, 80 Spadina, Toronto

Group Exhibitions
2007 - Touching Reality, Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver BC
2005 - Three Visions of Land and Sky, Agnes Bugera Gallery, Edmonton Alberta
2003 - Natural Tendencies, Holland & Holland, New York, NY
1996 - Metro Convention Center Visitor's Assoc. Queens Quay Terminal, Toronto
1988 - International Miniature Show Del Bello Gallery, Toronto

Design For Living Television
Gamma Dynacare Laboratories
The Four Seasons Hotel,Toronto
Lafleur Brown
Maple Leaf Foods
The Windsor Arms Hotel and Residence,Toronto
The Tridel Corporation

Media Coverage
Style at Home
Canadian House and Home
The National Post
"The Spirit in the Sky", The Edmonton Journal, May 05
"Creations to Meet his Audience Half Way" The Edmonton Journal, October 06

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