Marek Reysner

Born in Poznan, Poland on May 16 1963 into a family of physicians, Marek’s first career was a medical one. To respect his father’s wishes he trained as a physician before dedicating himself to the work he believes he was born to do. In 1989 he became qualified as a medical doctor. Although he deeply loved his native land and its rich artistic culture, he and his wife Hanna (also a physician), decided to immigrate to Spain where they settled in Barcelona. They both hoped to find a more relaxed cultural atmosphere there.

While in Barcelona Marek decided to pursue his real passion, jewellery making.
He was apprenticed as a stone setter and for two years he learned the jeweller’s craft from some of Barcelona’s best craftsman.

The spirit of adventure, love of natural splendor and the desire for even more personal freedom induced Marek and Hanna to immigrate to Vancouver in 1991.
Since that time Marek has continued to develop and deepen his artistic skills and craftsmanship as he expresses his strengths in the beauty, diversity and ingenuity of his totally unique work as a jeweller and craftsman of exquisite art pieces.

Accordingly, Marek has received recognition in several International competitions for jewellery making, and he has developed a strong following among many of Vancouver’s connoisseurs of fine jewellery and precious art.

Designing & making exquisite jewellery and precious art objects comes naturally to Marek who demonstrates a talent for creating original pieces . Truly remarkable, imaginative and superbly hand-made, these pieces reflect a passion for creating timeless works of art appreciated by those who seek quality and uniqueness in their selection of art and jewellery.
1995 – The Honorable Mention for brooch in the International Pearl Design
Contest in Kobe, Japan.

This was a hand crafted Brooch, the body of which consists of 18kt yellow gold leaf finished with plique a’ jour enameling. The leaf is intersected by a yellow gold branch holding a tourmaline rod and carved tourmaline ends. Suspended between the branch and leaf on white gold threads is a freshwater cultured pearl “cocoon”. Sitting on the leaf is a white gold caterpillar set with seven spherical cultured pearls forming the back of the caterpillar, one cabochon cut sapphire forming the head, fifteen faceted rubies and twelve full cut diamonds tube set on the sides of the body.

1999 – The Honorable Mention for brooch in The International Pearl Design Contest in Kobe, Japan.

Marek’s piece was titled “the next move wins” and was a hand crafted 18kt yellow gold and Platinum Brooch, free form design in a “tic tac toe” motif, composed of four irregular “pins” in a cross hatch pattern, each being yellow gold and coming to a point at one end and platinum at the opposite end, all with sand blast finish , platinum ends have each a post set pearl at the tip. Fine platinum wires are used to suspend a series of baroque “ keshi “ pearls.

1999- The Ministry and Liturgy Bene award for The Harvest Monstrance – 1999-2000 Visual Art Award Seasonal Category.

“ The Harvest Monstrance”-religious reliquary – 40” x 20” – made from sterling silver set with a total of 1648 stones: amethysts, peridots, citrines, BC Jade and cubic zirconias. A jade base symbolizing the earth is overlaid with sterling silver grape leaves and cabochon-cut amethyst forming grape clusters. Extending from the luna is a gold-plated cross of wheat set with cabochon-cut citrines. Between four arms of the cross are silver grape leaves and amethyst grape clusters.
Commissioned in 1996 by Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church - Vancouver, BC .