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Randy Celebrini

Randolph A Celebrini is one of Vancouver's most unique young painters.Born in Vancouver British Columbia in 1969, Randolph’s artistic perspective is a product of a complex developmental history which included experience in elite athletics, music and intensive scientific training in human movement and anatomy. Classically trained in the methods of the Old Masters, Randolph consolidated his artistic education traveling and studying master paintings in museums and galleries throughout Europe and North America. Applying traditional techniques to challenging subject matter, Randolph paints “en plein air” the rooftops and alleyways of Vancouver’s infamous Downtown Eastside as well as the rugged landscape of British Columbia’s rainforest. His work integrates and synthesizes various cultural influences with poetry and philosophy and has gained him international attention from media and collectors. He has been commissioned for a diversity of projects ranging from painting Chicago’s architectural skyline and European cityscapes to representing the cultural significance of British Columbia’s salmon industry as well as medical and anatomic illustrations. Randolph’s energetic and innovative aesthetic approach promises an exciting future. He is represented in Vancouver by the Ballard Lederer Gallery.

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