Scott Plumbe

     These drawings are from a trip to Japan in Winter 2009. My partner and I spent a week on foot walking between all four corners of Kyoto. Revisiting favourite locations from past trips as well as discovering new areas. Even after three trips to Kyoto over as many years I still feel like I've only scratched the surface. Each return visit offers fresh insight into previously overlooked characteristics of the city. These drawings reveal just a few of the many captivating details that make it one of the most inspiring cities I know. I generally work in oil paints, but these recent graphite drawings have been hugely invigorating to my process and returning to the simplicity of these basic tools seems very appropriate given the sophistication and subtlety of the this subject matter.
     As the son of a potter and paper merchant itís no surprise that drawing, painting, and ultimately creativity, formed the heart of Scott Plumbeís daily practice. Raised in North Vancouver and educated at Capilano College Plumbe graduated with honours in Illustration and Graphic Design. Following graduation, with an eye for detail and passion for cultural diversity, he embarked on a year-long overland
journey from London to Tibet via the Middle East. Not encumbered by geographical or political borders he followed interconnected strands of ethnographic expression culminating with Scott residing and teaching art in Bhaktapur, Nepalís foremost artisan community.

     He continues to travel extensively but primarily paints from his studio near Vancouverís Chinatown. In 2007 his paintings were the feature of an in-depth article for the June/July issue of International Artists Magazine. Plumbeís vision is to highlight both the pragmatism and inherent beauty of subjects often overlooked or sometimes rarely seen. He draws inspiration from a variety of sources; from the
Yukon landscape, intimate details of Chinatown & Strathcona to the subways and gardens of Kyoto. When not in his studio Scott can be found following the light through the streets and lanes of Vancouver.