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Pax North

The radical changes in society fostered by new technologies, while opening up previously unimagined opportunities and vistas, have nevertheless created a world which at times seems to defy comprehension, this despite the Enlightenment promise of intelligibility which gave rise to the aforementioned technologies in the first place.

My art practice is rooted in a sense of wonder and obsession, and draws upon a diversity of art historical sources. While encompassing and utilizing a range of strategies and subject matter, lately I have been reinterpreting Western religious themes and iconography, within the context of post-human and Actor-Network theory.

Experiences and narratives of the transcendent and uncanny, while marginalized since the 19th century, have nevertheless continued to play a significant role in popular culture, and seem to show no signs of dropping from our cultural horizon. If anything, the contradictions, anxieties, and pace of change in contemporary life seem to have accelerated and magnified their significance.

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