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Oliver Lin ( Lin Chin Lin )
     Bio         Exhibitions:   Gaze Into Life - Returning

Early this year the external and literal recognitions of the connotations of 'GAZE INTO LIFE' fully internalized to invigorate my vital awareness. Infused with this profound, death-affirming awakening, my recent works mirror the vivid flamboyancy of Paradise, in counterpoint with a persistent hesitancy in crossing and re-crossing the borders. This frontier is the setting for my deepest contemplation.

The metaphor of music has been a strong influence in the history of Abstractionism, and I am musical by nature. Thus, the 'abstract' provides a lexicon by which to enter the realm of my works.From a piece composed for a string trio, trace the melody of violin, viola and violoncello respectively, or see them simultaneously as a whole. Likewise, follow the layered movement of lines or floating colors to hear the dynamics of syncopation and the moment of transcendence at the frontier of perception. Sustained exploration in this metaphoric space opens into limitless depths in which to encounter spiritual images that are at once universal and mysteriously personal. (photo credit: Wilson Wang)

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Oliver Lin ( Lin Chin Lin ) - Reflections of Time 24 - click for larger image

Reflections of Time 24
79 x 47 Inches 
mixed media on canvas (unframed)
Oliver Lin ( Lin Chin Lin ) - Untitled ll - click for larger image

Untitled ll
22 x 18 Inches 
mixed media
Oliver Lin ( Lin Chin Lin ) - Untitled l - click for larger image

Untitled l
22 x 18 Inches 
mixed media
Oliver Lin ( Lin Chin Lin ) - Gaze into Life 02-23 - click for larger image

Gaze into Life 02-23
27.5 x 27.5 Inches 
mixed media on canvas
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1947    Born in Kwan Tong (Canton Province, China)
1970    Graduated from the National Chung Hsing University

Solo Exhibitions
1983   Spring Gallery /Taipei,Taiwan  
1984   Shiny Gallery /Taipei,Taiwan  
1986   Door to Eternal Happiness (Installation),Shiny  Gallery /Taipei,Taiwan  
1988   Tracks of Time, Fine Art Museum /Taipei,Taiwan Social Educational Center /Kaohsiung,Taiwan  
1989   Tracks of Time, Kunstblock Gallery /Munich,Germany 7th Gallery /Taipei, Taiwan Alba Gallery / Starnberger, Germany  
1990   Capital Gallery /Taichung,Taiwan  
1991   Top Gallery /Taipei, Taiwan  
1992    The poetic of Time , Top Gallery /Taipei, Taiwan Heritage Gallery /Taipei, Taiwan Museum  of Art /Taichung, Taiwan Palais Liechtanstesin /Vienna, Austria
1993   Azoth Art Connexion /Vienna, Austria The Reflexion of Time, Heritage Gallery /Taipei, Taiwan  
1994   The Tragedy of Peon Fish (Installation), Fine Art Museum / Taipei, Taiwan Heritage Gallery /Taipei, Taiwan Duchamp Gallery /Kaohsiung, Taiwan  
1996   Dragon Art Museum /Kaohsiung, Taiwan  
1997   Howard Salon / kaohsiung, Taiwan  
1998   Gallery Sunflower / Taipei, Taiwan  Beyond Homesickness  
2000   International Art Gallery / Taipei, Taiwan Gaze Into Life
2002   Kaoshiung Museum of Fine Arts / Kaoshiung, Taiwan Mind & Matter

Group Exhibitions
1965-66   Taiwan Provincial Student Exhibition
1967      Received a special  award from the Hai-Tein Gallery for a nationwide college exhibition
1967-70   Camel Bell Art Exhibition /Gallery of the National Chung Hsin University
1969      National Student Exhibition / USIS /Taipei, Taiwan  
1975-79   National Oil Painting Exhibition /National Museum of History /Taipei, Taiwan
1975      Five Artists,Hwa-Min Gallery /Taipei, Taiwan
1976   Exhibition of Modern Art, Lincoln Center (USIS) /Taipei,Taiwan; The Top Ten Water Ink Exhibition, Tong-Chan Gallery /Taipei
1977   Exhibition of Contemporary Art, The National Cultural Center /Taipei, Taiwan
1984   Four Artists, Shiny Gallery /Taipei, Taiwan
1989   International Exhibition /Ljubljana, Yugoslavia Special Exhibition for The Artistic  Development in Modern Time,National Museum of History /Taipei, Taiwan; Innovational and Experimental  Chinese  Ink Painting, Fine Art Museum /Taipei, Taiwan
1990   Grand Opening Exhibition, D.D. Art Space /Taipei, Taiwan; Modernism vs. Postmodernism, Top Gallery /Taipei,Taiwan
1991   The Hope & Optimism Portfolio Prints Exhibition Accorded the haut partronage of  UNESCO / Oxford, England; The 5th International Biennial  Print Exhibit /R.O.C. Fine Art Museum /Taipei, Taiwan; The New Trend, Capital Gallery /Taichung, Taiwan; The Abstraction and Realism, Chi-Zeng Gallery /Taipei; Grand Opening Exhitbition, The Gallery / Taipei, Taiwan
1992   Individualist, Capital Gallery / Taipei, Taiwan; Just for Fun, Top Gallery / Taipei, Taiwan
1993   Innovational & Experimental-Chinese Ink Painting, Fine Art Museum / Taipei, Taiwan; Print Duet, Cultural Center / Taipei County, Taiwan; Mini Works, Top Gallery / Taipei, Taiwan; The Recall of Print (50-90), Duchamp Gallery / Kaohsiung;  Subconscious, Duchamp Gallery / Kaohsiung, Taiwan  
1994   A New Begining, Linclon Center, (AIT) / Taipei, Taiwan; Repeatness, Top Gallery / Taipei, Taiwan; Frame, Gallery of National Normal College / Taipei
1995   The Wonder of Abstract Art in Taiwan, Duchamp Gallery /Kaohsiung, Taiwan  
1996   The Power of Line II, Duchamp Gallery / Kaohsiung, Taiwan; The Power of Line II, Aesthetic Space / Hwalien, Taiwan
1997   Camel-Bell Art Exhitbition, Te-An Gallery / Taipei, Taiwan; Grands et Jeunes D'aujourd'hui / Paris
1998   The 8th International Biennial Print and Drawing Exhibit /Fine Art Museum / Taipei, Taiwan; The Power of  the Line, Taipei Gallery/ New York  
1998   Grands et Jeunes D'aujourd'hui / Dec. 11 / Paris

1.   Taiwan Museun of Art (Taichung)
2.   Taipei Fine Art Museum  (Taipei)
3.   Tong-Fong Art Museum  (Taichung)
4.   Mountain Art Museum  (Kaohsiung)
5.   Dr.Lin's Foundation   (Taipei)
6.   Alba Group (Germany)
7.   Alba Group (Switzland)
8.   Prisma Graphic System Inc.   (Taipei)
9.   Circles Airfreight Int'l   (San Francisco)
10. First Interstate Bank   (Taipei)

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