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Nicole Kennedy

In my sculpture work I try to express a feeling of serenity and simplicity.  I believe that these traits create a certain beauty and peacefulness that allow the viewer to interact with it on a more personal and emotional level.  I am very interested in the earth and the power that it holds over us.  Another thing that I love is the idea of a hidden world (a kind of secret place within ourselves and our world) that allows us to dream and to let our imaginations run wild. 


The concept behind this piece was to create a figurative form that had the feeling of being in transition between one world and another.  The two round spheres on the floor in front of it are also meant to be 'other worldly'.  They are meant to be something that is attractive to the figure; they are drawing her out of her world.  I wanted to make it seem like she is coming from somewhere that is calm, natural and beautiful, with none of the hardships that we are experiencing in our world.  She is stepping out tentatively, experiencing this new world for the first time.

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Nicole  Kennedy - In Transition - click for larger image

In Transition
60 x 20 x 45 Inches 
fiberglass, surfboard resin, sand, graphite powder, paste wax
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