Andrew Neuman

The problem of maps is brought up in this series, they are the product of technology's attempt to understand reality. This series of paintings was inspired by my decade long fascination with the islands of Kauai and Ni'ihau (Kauai County). This work deals with the mystery of the unique landscape and the spiritual experience one cannot help but encounter there. The location's histories are packed with thousands of years of volcanic land formation, Polynesian and Micronesian cultures, wars, sacrifices, worship and natural wonders.

I chose to work outside the history of landscapes bringing them into the present with intricate wire frame digital elevations derived from computer models based on 3D topographical calculations. I explored the landscapes as if in a helicopter and came up with details like the exact eye level, point of view, and number of meters between lines (to scale) on the "x" and "y" axis grids.  Thus I fell in love with the form of the land stripped of its foliage and experienced it in a new way.


2005 Diploma of Fine Arts - Langara College. Vancouver BC
2003 Continuing Studies - 3D Design Stream. Emily Carr Institute of Art and
Design. Vancouver BC
Group Exhibitions

2005       Shift Control Landscapes, Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver BC
2005 Hidden Heroes: Women Survivors of Violence, Roundhouse Community Arts
and Recreation
Centre. Vancouver BC
2005 Art This; Art That, Fine Arts Graduation Show, Langara College.
Vancouver BC (Catalogue)
2005 The Greatest Game Ever, Drawing Installation, Buffalo Lounge Gallery,
Langara College. Vancouver BC
2005 Evolution, Buffalo Lounge Gallery, Langara College. Vancouver BC
2005 Architecture in Our Lives, Buffalo Lounge Gallery, Langara College.
Vancouver BC
2003 How Do You Connect to Place, Green Museum Online Gallery (Wiki  

2005 Painting Studio Award, Langara College. Vancouver BC (Purchase Award)
2004 Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited Scholarship, Association of
Universities and Colleges Canada
2004 Langara Faculty Education Excellence, Langara College. Vancouver BC
2003 Langara College Bursary, Vancouver BC