Philip Mix

"It seems to me that almost all art accomplishes one extraordinary thing; it connects mankind to his ancestry."

There is rarely a moment as I am painting that I don't feel a certain tug; the solitude of my studio is burgeoning with artists, their presence seems almost tangible as they witness my struggle, nod in silent approval when the brush is light and quick, sigh wearily when I head off in a false direction.

This Audience, my tutors, knows how tempting it can become to look for tricks, lean on the cleverness of painterly manipulation or overuse of potent color. Their names, most familiar, hardly need introduction: Gauguin, Picasso, Matisse, Denis, and then others: Varley , Harris , Diebenkorn , the list goes on , all in all  quite the band of ill tempered but "worldly wise" pundits.

In my studio, you might say, there are two measures; the straight edge, and the rough path of those who have made paint and canvass immortal. I will say I envy them but I know their journey was anything but enviable.

Albeit, herein enter I, a stoic in search of the 'elegance of simplicity', or so it should appear. In the series "LE DANSE", I have made several significant strides towards that goal. First is the principle of color economy based on a personal theory of tones and chromatic scale that I have been mulling over for two decades.

This basically states that a color is best determined by noting its effect when it is in proximity to a color of like and/or opposite value, thereby creating triads or trios of neighboring zones.   Next is the economy of space: the seamless union of multiple perspectives and the soft contours of human form merging into a geometric playground. Last is the stage for a metaphysical metaphor, including a little bit of practical fun by giving the "The Three Graces" bling and heels.

Philip Mix was born in Edmonton Alberta in 1955. His formal art education came from the Alberta College of Art, Calgary and he received his Bachelor of Arts in painting in 1980. The following year he gave his first One Man show at the Muttart Gallery, Calgary and was represented by Virginia Christopher Gallery. In 1984 he attended summer session at the University of California, Santa Cruz. In 1986 he returned to Canada and started a conservation studio Fine Art Restoration in Victoria B.C. He became a member of the Pacific Conservation Group, and Canadian Conservation Associates. In 1992 Philip took a hiatus to travel to France and painted for six months the environs of Languedoc, Narbonne. Then he set up studio for one year in Paphos ,Cyprus, and guest lectured at the Cyprus College of Art in Lemba. The collective paintings from this period were shown by Cadogan Gallery in London, England. He returned to Vancouver Island and eventually designed and built an in-home art studio in Chemainus B.C. Philip enjoys continued success with his developing style and is presently represented by several British Columbia and Alberta galleries.

With a strong interpretative design sense and evident admiration of Modern art, the works of Philip Mix display an elegant thoughtfulness, a balance of convention with a probing inventiveness.

1980    Graduate Alberta College of Art, Calgary, AB
Solo Exhibitions
2011    About Time, Winchester Galleries, Victoria, B.C.
2010 Sundials and Metronomes, Brentwood Bay Resort, B.C
2010 Pivotal Views, Maple Ridge Art Gallery, Maple Ridge, B.C
2008 A Fold In Time, Avenue Gallery, Victoria, B.C.
2007 Recent Works, Keystone Art Gallery, Calgary, AB.
2005 Metaphor Avenue Gallery, Victoria, B.C.
2004 Arbutus: West coast Luminism, Brentwood Bay Resort, B.C.
2003 Portrait of a Tree, Avenue Gallery, Victoria, B.C.
2002 Selected Works, Goward House Gallery, Victoria, B.C.
1996 Small Gouaches, Vanity Fair, Victoria, B.C.
1994 Philip Mix and Ken Faulks Paintings, Winchester Galleries, Victoria, B.C.
1990 Manus Deo, Stephen Lowe Gallery, Victoria, B.C.
1980 Portrait/Gestus, Muttart Gallery, Calgary, AB
Group Exhibitions
2010 Form Rearranged, Avenue Gallery, Victoria, B.C.
2009 Celebrating Small, Avenue Gallery, Victoria, B.C
2009 Masterpiece Weekend,Steffich Fine Art, Saltspring Island, B.C
2008 Size Matters,Steffich Fine Art, Saltspring Island, B.C
2007 Celebrating Small, Avenue Gallery, Victoria, B.C.
2007 A New Perspective, Steffich Fine Art, Saltspring Island, B.C
2006 Christmas Show, Avenue Gallery, Victoria, B.C
2005 Celebrating Small, Avenue Gallery, Victoria, B.C.
2002 Opening Show, Avenue Gallery, Victoria, B.C.
2002 Christmas Show, Adele Campbell Gallery, Whistler, B.C
2002 The Small Show, Victoria Art Gallery, Victoria, B.C.
2001 First Show, Caswell Lawrence Gallery, Victoria, B.C.
2000 Summer Show, Island Folk Gallery, Tofino, B.C.
1996 Simon Patrich Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.
1995 Sooke Art, Show Sooke, B.C.
1994 Cadogan Gallery, London, U.K.
1993 Carmel Art Gallery, Carmel, Israel
1988 Sooke Art Show, Sooke, B.C.
1988 North Park Galley, Victoria, B.C.
1984 Gallery Show, Gallery Santa Cruz, California, USA
1982 Virginia Christopher Galleries, Calgary, AB
1980 Graduate Show, Alberta College of Art, Calgary AB
Alberta Art Foundation, Edmonton, AB
Amadon Group, Victoria, B.C.
Brentwood Bay Resort, Brentwood Bay, B.C.
Harbour Towers, Victoria, B.C.
Michael C. Williams Trust, Victoria, B.C.
Scotia Bank, Victoria, B.C.
Victoria Pub Company, Victoria, B.C.
Vancouver Hotel, Vancouver, B.C.