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Michael Undem  Bio    

The order and disorder throughout the environment rendered intentionally and unintentionally inspire me to seek, view and create.  I'm attracted to drawing for its immediacy, intimacy and simplicity.  The instant feedback from making finished marks on paper is  suspenseful creating an adrenaline that propels my motivation.   My abstract drawing work encompasses form, technique, aesthetics and notions of time and space.

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Born 1978 in Mission BC, Canada. Works and lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

2005    Carpentry Apprenticeship Level 1British Columbia Institute of Technology, Burnaby BC, Canada
2004    BFA, Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Vancouver BC, Canada
2001    The Media Program Diploma, Capilano College,Vancouver BC, Canada

Solo and Group Exhibitions
2009    Release, The At Gallery, Vancouver BC
2008    Painting on the Edge, Canadian Federation of Artists-
           Federation Gallery, Vancouver BC
2008    Drawing Expo, Little Mountain Studios, Vancouver BC
2007    Drawing Expo, Gaff Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2007    Blind Corner, Langley National Exhibition Centre, Langley BC
2007    Salon Salom VII, The Meme Lab, Vancouver BC
2007    Swarm 8, The Collection Agency, Vancouver BC
2006    Salon Salom VI, The Meme Lab, Vancouver BC
2006    Swarm 7, The Butchershop, Vancouver BC
2005    Silent Headphone Party, The Butchershop Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2005    536 HOUSE, 536 East 22nd, Vancouver BC
2004    Fresh Meat, The Butcheshop Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2004    Cobra Heads, The Butcheshop Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2004    Capture, The Butcheshop Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2004    Summer Cash, The Butcheshop Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2004    The Precious Fathers, The Butcheshop Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2004    Ripped Up, The Butcheshop Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2004    Arts Birthday, The Western Front, Vancouver BC

Selected Performances
2008    Vancouver International Burlesque Festival, Corrupt Cabaret, Vancouver BC
2008    The Diamond Mine, Maxine's Hideaway, Vancouver BC
2008    Patís Pub, Vancouver BC
2008    Watermelonís Comedy Cabaret, Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver BC
2007    Society for Public Spontaneity, Fire Hall Arts Centre, Vancouver, BC
2007    Society for Public Spontaneity, The Round House, Vancouver, BC
2007    The Mad Hatter, Trout Lake, Vancouver, BC
2007    The Church of Pointless Consumerism, Performance Works, Vancouver BC

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