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Metamorphoses: The World Tree Series

Inspired by the metaphors of transformation in Roman poet Ovid's work, The Metamorphoses, my new group of drawings and paintings, The World Tree Series, is suffused with feelings of revelation and regeneration evoked by anthropomorphic trees I have found in my travels. I have been drawing trees for ten years, while also working from the live model. Gradually the human physique and tree limbs merged in my psyche, fusing human and tree anatomy into deconstructed tree forms.

The deconstructed forms disclose an imaginative perception of them as a refuge and a sanctuary. The trees reconfigure to reveal dark monarchs, monsters, entwined figures, animals, body parts and facial features. I expand the dramatic potential of the images, eliminating naturalistic references. The finely honed shapes are placed with an eye toward activating the picture surface, transposing edgy, metaphoric images into psychic domain that emphasizes life's multiple meanings and motifs.

The unity of all life is accentuated as the varied personas within us and in our networks of relationships reveals their correspondence to mysterious affinities in the tree configurations. By realizing that nature's constant state of flux reflects the variability in human existence, we can more readily reconcile ourselves to life's true changing character.

For reviews of Hrbacek's work please click:  "Vibrant and Varied Works on Paper"; "Entwined": "Trees with Personality""Charcoal and Thread":

Click on the thumbnails below to view a larger image.

Mary Hrbacek - Moving Up - click for larger image

Moving Up
30 x 22 Inches 
charcoal on paper
Mary Hrbacek - Gingerman - click for larger image

30 x 22 Inches 
charcoal on paper
Mary Hrbacek - Split Decision - click for larger image

Split Decision
30 x 22 Inches 
charcoal on paper
Mary Hrbacek - Open Heart - click for larger image

Open Heart
39 x 30 Inches 
charcoal on paper
Mary Hrbacek - Portuguese - click for larger image

39 x 30 Inches 
charcoal on paper
Mary Hrbacek - Moving On III - click for larger image

Moving On III
30 x 22 Inches 
charcoal on paper
Mary Hrbacek - Master of the Universe - click for larger image

Master of the Universe
30 x 22 Inches 
charcoal on paper
Mary Hrbacek - Horse Sense - click for larger image

Horse Sense
30 x 22 Inches 
charcoal on paper
Mary Hrbacek - Torso - click for larger image

30 x 22 Inches 
charcoal on paper
Mary Hrbacek - Bone Structure - click for larger image

Bone Structure
42 x 30 Inches 
charcoal on paper
Mary Hrbacek - Monster - click for larger image

30 x 22 Inches 
charcoal on paper
Mary Hrbacek - Multi-faceted - click for larger image

30 x 22 Inches 
charcoal on paper
Mary Hrbacek - Split Decision  - click for larger image

Split Decision
44 x 40 Inches 
acrylic on linen
Mary Hrbacek - A Secret - click for larger image

A Secret
38 x 30 Inches 
acrylic on linen
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Mary Hrbacek has been exhibiting her artwork for more than 20 years at galleries and museums in New York City, across the United States, in Europe and Asia. Notable museum shows include those at The National Academy of Design, and The Muscarelle Museum of the College of William and Mary, where she was awarded the Juror’s Choice prize by the Director of the Drawing Center, NYC.

In 2005 Hrbacek showed at the Parrish Art Museum in an exhibition curated by Sara Nightingale. Her most recent solo exhibition was a drawing show at Roger Smith in 2006. This will be Hrbacek’s seventh solo show since 1989. Her paintings have been included in more than 30 group exhibits in New York City, Toronto, California, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Virginia. In 2007 she exhibited her work in a show that traveled from Osh to Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic.

M.S. Adelphi University, NYC, Magna Cum Laude,
B.S. University of Dayton, OH
San Francisco Art Institute, CA, Painting FIT Certificate

Courses: Parsons School, NYC
         The New School, NYC
         School of Visual Arts

Solo Exhibitions
2009    Icons, Creon Gallery, NYC. Curator:  Norm Hinsey
2006    World Tree Series - Drawings, Roger Smith Arts, Curators:  Matthew Semler, Paul Sharpe,
               Dominick Lombardi, NYC
2002    Progressive Gallery at the Well, NYC, Curator: Lucy Stylianou,                                                
2001    Metamorphoses, Flora Danica Galerie, NYC, Curator: Fleur Boel
1999    Invitationals at Ellarslie,Trenton City Museum, Curator:  Brian Peterson, Michener Art Museum,PA
1992    Southwest Landscapes, Positively 104th Street, NYC
1989    Landscapes, Adelphi Manhattan Center Galleries, NYC

Group Exhibitions
2010    Charcoal and Thread, Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver
2010    Beijing Art Fair, Curators: the:artist:network Curatorial Pool, Beijing, China
2010    Nature Calls, Curator: Dominick Lombardi, Shore Institute for the Contemporary Arts, Long Branch, NJ
2010    Fountain Art Fair, Curator: Norm hinsey, Creon Gallery, NYC
2010    Winter Slasher Salon, Headbones Gallery, Toronto
2010    Homage to Ray Johnson, Mail Artist, Curator: Peggy Cyphers, Gallery H215, NYC
2009    Postcards from the Edge, Ziehersmith Gallery, NYC
2009    Modern Romantics, The Spiritual in Paint, Curator: Janet Larose, Painting Center, NYC
2009    Exposed, Curator: Norm Hinsey, Creon Gallery, NYC
2009    Wish You Were Here, A.I.R. Gallery Benefit Auction Dumbo, NYC
2009    Forever Summer, Curator: Scott Malbaurn, Denise Bibro Fine Art, NYC
2009    Vacation Venues, Franklin 54, Curator: Michel Allen, Michel Allen Projects, NYC
2009    Bridge Art Fair, New York, New York
2009    The Winter Salon,Works on Paper, Bjorn Ressle Gallery, NYC, Curators: Bjorn Ressle,
                Teresa Thomas
2009    Enigmatic Visions, Clemente Velez Soto Center, Curator: Paul Cabezas, NYC
2009    WAGMAG Benefit, Frontroom Gallery, Curator:  Daniel Aycock, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
2009    It’s A Wonderful Life, Sideshow Gallery, Curator: Rich Timperio, Williamsbur, Brooklyn
2008    Crest Hardware Art Show, Curator: Joe Franquinha and Ron Esmay, Williamsburg, Brklyn
2008    The Clothesline Benefit, ABC NO RIO, Lower East Side, New Work City
2008    Cosmological Map, Ides of March Installation, Broadthinking, ABC NO RIO Curators:
                Chris Twomey, Peggy Cyphers, Alyssa Fanning, Lower East Side, NYC
2008    WAGMAG Benefit Art Show, Front Room Gallery, Curator: Daniel Aycock. Williamsburg Brklyn
2008    Peace, Sideshow Gallery. Curator: Richard Timperio. Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC
2007    Postcards from the Edge, James Cohan Gallery, Chelsea, NYC
2007    En Plein Air, Reloaded, Black & White Gallery, Curator:  Tatyana Okshteyn, Chelsea, NYC
2007    Digital Printouts, Artists Union, Osh, Kyrgyztan, Curator: Stefan Eins,travels to Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic
2007    War Is Over Again,  Sideshow Gallery, Curator: Richard Timperio,  Williamsburg, Brooklyn,
2007    Memento Mori, Curator: Mariko Tanaka, The:Artist:Netwok, New York, NY
2006    WAGMAG Benefit, Curator: Daniel Aycock,The Frontroon Gallery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC
2006    X-Country Selection, Headbones Gallery, Toronto. Curator: Julie Oakes
2006    Nurturing the Edge,” Spring Gala for Nurtureart, Cue Foundation, Chelsea, NYC
2005    War Is Over, Sideshow Gallery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn,Curator: Richard Timperio
2005    Postcards from the Edge, Robert Miller Gallery, NYC
2004    Holiday Show, Sideshow Gallery, Curator: Richard Timperio, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
2004    Postcards from the Edge, Brent Sikkema Gallery,  NYC    
2004    artincubator,Ethan Cohan Gallery, NYC
2004    Pool Art Addict,  POOL , N Y Underground Art Fair, Four Points Hotel, Chelsea, NYC
2002    Drawing Conclusions II, NY Arts Magazine Gallery, Curators: Gae Savannah and Jill Conner
2002    Winter Exhibition,Curator: Monigue Goldstrom Monique Goldstrom Gallery, NYC
2001    Counting Coup/Undo, Theatre for the New City, NYC
2001    Xtreme Xteriors, Gallery X, NYC
2001    Art & Performance, Sideshow Gallery, Williamsburg, NYC
2001    Women & Children in Solidarity with Afghan Women's Mission, Gallery One-Twenty-Eight, NYC
1999    Koridor, Gallery X, NYC
1999    Drawings, Curator: Anthony Palumbo, Art Students League Gallery, NYC
1997    Great Plains National, Moss Thorns Gallery, Curator:  Deborah Scott  Nelson Atkins Museum, MO
1995    Global Awareness,  City Government Center, Harrisburg, PA
1995    Artists National,  Coastal Arts CenterR, St. Simmons Is, GA,
               Curator:  Dr. Henry Adams, Harvard University, Cummer Museum, FL
1995    Works on Paper, SW Texas State Univeristy Gallery, TX, Curator: LUCY LIPPARD
1993    Drawing '92, Bent F. Larsen Gallery, Brigham Young U, Utah,
               Curator:  Donald Perry, Eppink Gallery KS
1993    American Drawing Biennial III, Muscarelle Museum of Art, College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA,
               Curator: Jack Beal
1991    Watchung Arts Center, Watchung NJ, Curator: Dr. Hildreth York, Rutgers University, NJ
1988    20/20 Show, Helio Galleries, Curator:  Ted Castle, Art in America”
1986    Hudson Valley 86, Mid-Hudson Arts and Science Center, Poughkeepsie, NY
                  Curator: Holly Solomon, NYC

1999    "American Drawing Biennial VI," Muscarelle Museum, College of William & Mary, VA,
1999    "Yosemite Renaissance," Yosemite Museum Gallery, YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK, CA
               Traveled to 7 sites, Curator:  OAKLAND MUSEUM, CA - HONORABLE MENTION

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Museum Exhibitions
The Parrish Art Museum, Southampton, NY
The National Academy of Design, NYC
The Trenton City Museum, Trenton, NJ
The Muscarelle Museum, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA
The Yosemite National Park Museum Gallery, Yosemite NYC National Park, CA

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