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I've always liked sculpting the human form, and my first works were almost all based on figurative female forms distorted into tense poses. As my sculpting evolved, my shapes became a pure expression of the tension of the movement.
My work is very intuitive. I work primarily in clay, and cast the sculptures into various colors of bronze. There is a smooth organic feel to every unique finished piece. 

From curiosity to obsession, I have come full circle with an artistic interest that has grown into an enriching experience and is now an integral part of my life.

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Marie Khouri lived in Paris for 25 years before recently settling in Vancouver.  She has travelled extensively throughout the world; from the Middle East to Europe and North America, All along absorbing the unique aspects of the various cultures.

Marie has been sculpting for ten years, but only started releasing her work commercially in 2002 after attending l'Ecole du Louvre and les Ateliers du Louvre in Paris.  Khouri sculpts primarily in clay and hand builds in lost wax then casts the sculptures in bronze and concrete.

"How can one describe in a few words the process of an entire body of work....
My work is not planned, analyzed or established at the outset, I work in immediacy, innovating the entire time, pushing the barriers of the medium, never allowing myself to settle into a comfort zone that would stifle my creativity.

My work is spontaneous, the surfaces reveal the entire process, nothing is hidden, there is a flow from one piece to the next. The work evolves as it is created. It is alive and organic in the most elemental sense, as it mimics the natural process of growth.  In the hollow volumes of the vessels, areas of perception intermingle to dramatic effects, making primal connections to light and space with physical properties.  Innately, I work in conversation with the architectural particulars and lighting conditions of a given space, thus impacting the growth of my work in terms of scale, direction and orientation.

My vessels speak to the continuum of craft and the role of the female in society, they take a timeless form to another level, informing our conventional perception of an everyday object.  View this if you will as a new frontier in an ancient land.  Moreover, they incorporate my art, which is the expression of my soul and my story.

This personal story should remain a dialogue between the viewer and the artist, not like a book, more like a sensation, a feel.... It is a story that is expressed in my art in my art only...."

Juried Exhibitions
2006    Salon d’Automne 2006, Paris    
2006    Galerie Everarts (8 rue d’Argenson 75008 Paris)
2005    Salon d’Automne 2005, Paris
2004    Salon d’Automne 2004, Paris
2004    Ateliers du Louvre (111 rue du Louvre 75001Paris
2004    Artcurial (Place des Champs Elysées, Paris)
2004    Mairie de Selle St Could
2003    Hôtel de l’Industrie (Place Saint Germain des Près 75005, Paris)

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