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My love of painting has been with me since early childhood. I have always appreciated and am greatly influenced by the craftsmanship and processes of the Old Masters in the Gothic and Renaissance periods. My paintings, although figurative, are composed in very much the same manner as that of an abstract work: form and color are my primary interest. When I begin a painting I don't have a preconceived idea in my mind; I use the figures as a pretext to create a harmonious color palette. My paintings do not depict a defined age or period; nor do they reflect the past or present.

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Solo Exhibitions
2005   Vancouver Opera 2004/2005 Season, Simon Patrich Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2002   Transitions, Simon Patrich Gallery, Vancouver BC
1989   Galeria Arte Autopista, Medellin

Group Exhibitions
2010    Latin American Painting Now, Naples Museum of Art,  Naples, FL
2009    Joyas Latinoamericanas, ArtSpace/Virginia Miller Galleries Coral Gables, FL
2009    Summer Love, Elliot Louis Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2008    Arteaméricas, Miami, Florida
2008    Latin American Art Fair, Miami, Florida
2008    Bridge Art Fair, Miami,Florida
2008    Art for Life Canvas Lounge and Gallery, Vancouver BC
2007    Panomorama Latinoamericano, Artspace/Virginia Miller Galleries, Miami, Florida
2006    Paint!, Gallery O at the Art Centre, Vancouver, BC
2006    Fresh Arrivals, Artspace/Virginia Miller Galleries, Miami, Florida
2006    Merrill Lynch Arteamericas, The Latin American Art Fair 2006, Miami Beach Convention Center
2005    Latin American Visions, ArtSpace/Virginia Miller Galleries Coral Gables, FL
2005    Young Latin Americans, ArtSpace/Virginia Miller Galleries Coral Gables, FL
2005    Latin American Invitational , ArtSpace/Virginia Miller Galleries Coral Gables, FL
2005    From Here to There – 5 Magic Realists, Simon Patrich Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2004    Vancouver Art Gallery Live Auction, Vancouver BC
1999    Galeria Arte Autopista, Medellin
1998    Bucaramanga Festiva y Culta Museo de Arte Moderno, Bucaramanga
1997    Salon Regional Biblioteca Gabriel Turbay, Bucaramanga
1996    Expoarte Vanguardia Liberal, Bucaramanga
1993    Bucaramanga Festiva y Culta Biblioteca Gabriel Turbay, Bucaramanga
1988    Contraloria de La Republica, Bogota
1987    Dos Generaciones, Club Campestre, Bogota
1986    XXX Salon Nacional de Artistas, Bogota Honorary Mention
1986    Final de Arte Alianze Colombo, Francesa, Bucaramanga

2009    The Heart of Latin Art. Gloria Goodale, Christian Science Monitor, October 15, 2009
2009    The Art of Recession at Virginia Miller Galleries, Artspace VM, 2010

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