David Luksha

The pieces contained in this new suite of work are the result of my ongoing interest in how vision is changed from "seeing" to "looking", by the point of view or the position one takes. Alternating areas of intense colour, texture and sheen with areas of clear wax provides the context in which the work is viewed. This resultant modernist format is combined with current and historical paint applications.

The viscosity of the paint and methods of application now play a more significant role, both physically and conceptually. Whereas in previous work coloured glazing and clean layers of wax were applied in varying degrees as an attempt to solidify the visual field, the final overcoats of coloured glaze and more opaque mixes have now been applied as attempt to control the visual field.


1973/74     Ontario College of Art
1980/81 Dundas Valley School of Art
1981/82 University of Guelph: Independent Studies - Painting

Solo Exhibitions
2007  Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver BC
2005  Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver BC
1999  The Gallery, Bowen Island BC
1996  Ruben Forni Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
1994  Ruben Forni Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

1992  Leo Kamen Gallery, Toronto ON          
The Justina Barnicke Gallery, University of Toronto, Toronto ON

1991  Leo Kamen Gallery, Toronto ON
Arts Space, Peterborough ON
The Gallery, Stratford ON
MacLaren Art Centre, Barrie ON
Lambton Public Gallery, Sarnia ON

1990  Galerie Daniel, Montreal PQ
Leo Kamen Gallery, Toronto ON

1988  Galerie Daniel, Montreal PQ
1987  The Art Gallery of Hamilton ON

1985  Gallery 101, Ottawa ON
K.A.A.I., Kingston ON

1984  Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto ON
1982  Lacemaker's Gallery, Toronto ON
1981  Lacemaker's Gallery, Toronto ON
Group Exhibitions
2006  Transition, Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver BC
2006  Textures, Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver BC
2005  Board, Mesh and Canvas, Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver BC
1999  The Leap Into Meaning, Bowen Island BC
1997  Ruben Forni Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
1995  Project Gallery, Vancouver BC
1994  Project Gallery, Vancouver BC
1992  MacLaren Art Centre, Barrie ON
1990  Leo Kamen Gallery, Toronto ON

1989  Sculpture/89 - Galerie Daniel, Montreal PQ
Centre Cultural de Trois Rivieres
Directors'Choice,MacLaren Art Centre,Barrie ON
La Galerie D'Art Lavalin, Montreal PQ

1988  Gallery Moos, Toronto ON
Sculpture/88, Galerie Daniel, Montreal PQ
La Galerie D'Art Lavalin, Montreal PQ

1985  Public Image Gallery, New York NY
Studio 620, Toronto ON
Forest City Gallery, London ON

1984  K.A.A.I. Kingston ON
1983  Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto ON
1982  Lacemaker's Gallery, Toronto ON
Art Gallery of Peterborough, Peterborough ON
Hamilton City Hall, City of Hamilton ON
Polygraph Records, New York City, New York
Steelcase Corporation, Toronto ON
Sunlife Insurance Company,Toronto ON
Toronto Dominion Bank, London, England
The Justina Barnicke Gallery, University of Toronto
Vista Communications, Toronto ON