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Luc Bernard  Bio    

Encaustic painting is an ancient medium in which pigment is applied in layers of melted wax. It can be a floating veil, gauzy and satin smooth, or, it can be something infinitely more primal, ropey as a lava flow just as it is in my landscape images.

I create with a mantle of encaustic so thick that it takes on the quality of sculpture, as if the landscapes have only just erupted, half molten from the earth's core and are even now solidifying in thick, swirling eddies. You feel tectonic forces at work, in these corroded landscapes of iodine and angry orange forest vistas abraded to the point of erasure, glowering with pin pricks of colour where some older, hotter intention shows through; or clouds of ash and steam and showers of sparks against vermilion skies, like a glimpse into Vulcan's forge.

Even the more settled landscapes a view of dusk-dark trees along a river's back water, for instance, or, an estuary reaching to a line of barrier islands and the distant sea beyond writhe beneath a quilted blanket of wax. In my encaustics, the physical act of painting may be finished, but the recorded movement of arm and brush hovers, as if still ongoing. Skies well up and pool, like the great arcs of liquid that they are; water surfaces scud beneath unseen breezes; and veils of texture pour down with a liveliness that pigment alone, with its opaque nature cannot duplicate.

With my painting I try to say something about the ephemeral, capturing a moment of observation. What fascinates me most about nature is that it is never static, and that any single instant, well described, can embody so many human emotions. And that every observed moment is trembling on the cusp of becoming something else.  

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Royal Military College of Kingston, Commerce Degree
Ontario College of Art and Design Sculpting and Encaustic

Solo Exhibitions
2007   Engine Gallery, Toronto
2005   Engine Gallery, Toronto

Two, Three and Four Artist Exhibitions
2008   Wallace Gallery, Calgary        

Group Exhibitions
2009   Summer Love, Elliot Louis Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2008   Atelier Gallery, Vancouver
2008   Wallace Gallery, Calgary
2008   View Art Gallery, Victoria
2007   Atelier Gallery, Vancouver        
2007   Agnes Bugera Gallery, Edmonton           
2007   Wallace Gallery, Calgary
2006   Engine Gallery, Toronto
2004   Engine Gallery, Toronto

The Comweb Group, Toronto               
Entertainment Partners, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Copenhagen, Paris,
Boston, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and Portland

2009   Vancouver Magazine  The price of fame; up-and-comers
2008   Style At Home             
2008   Vancouver Magazine    Artists that should be on your radar
2007   Art Avenue November   Front cover illustration

2007   Federation of Canadian Artists Grand Prize Award

Selected Group Exhibitions
2007   Toronto International Art Fair

Engine Gallery,  Toronto
Agnes Bugera Gallery,  Edmonton
Wallace Galleries,  Calgary
Elliott Louis Gallery,  Vancouver
View Art Gallery,  Victoria

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