Mary-Ann Liu and Cyrus Yavneh

Doodles come from the subconscious flow of Cyrus' working process. They happen during his busy day, expressed with no constraint or directed intention. They are a natural outcrop of his essential being. The doodles are a natural flow of expression through hand to paper. They are not only a reflection of a person's perception, but also a sum of a human experience. Common to all but unique to each. 

Cyrus' doodles are a treasure trove of musical notes and amoebic forms. They are full of light and adventure. There are numbers and names and cryptic messages and line and shapes that arrange themselves into surprising agility or into voluptuous orbs. 

In my mind they form themselves into characters and in my hands they materialize into three dimensional reality.

Mary-Ann Liu

2000    Post Graduate Certificate in Digital Arts & Interactive Media, Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Vancouver
1984    Banff Centre, Figurative Narrative Workshop
1983    Sculpture, Animation, Drawing, Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Vancouver
1980    3rd year Fine Arts, Historical Techniques, University of British Columbia, Vancouver
1979    Diploma Fine Arts, Vancouver Community College, Vancouver
1977    Banff Art Centre, Pottery and Glaze Technology

Solo Exhibitions
2007    Vancouver, BC - Doodle Does It, Elliott Louis Gallery
2000    Ottawa, ON - The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
1992    Vancouver, BC - The Dragon Lanterns of Vancouver Chinatown
1992    Chicago, Ill. USA - The Dragon Lanterns of Chicago Chinatown
1987    Vancouver, BC - Carl The Doorman

2001    Sculpting Canada's Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (Documentary), Co-Producer
1989    And the Word Was God (Experimental Art Video), Art Director
1988    10,000 Years of Good Advice (Experimental art video), Co-Producer

Commissions & Public Acquisitions
The Federal Government of Canada
City of Vancouver
City of Chicago
The Royal Bank of Canada
The Dragon Boat Races Society
Ministry of the Environment
Inn at the Quay, New Westminster
Mt. St. Joseph Hospital
St. Mary's Hospital

1984    Banff Centre Scholarship
1997    BC Parks / Ministry of the Environment, Sculptor / Designer: Permanent and traveling tree models of
              realistic Douglas Fir, Western Hemlock, with realistic animal habitation features as a teaching aid
1994    Vancouver Island Trout Hatchery, Sculptor: Tiny the Giant Trout - twenty times life size realistic
              Rainbow Trout interactive educational station to  demonstrate the necessities of the survival needs of
              a Rainbow Trout in the wild

Production Design
2004    Eve & The Fire Horse, Firehorse Prod. (Feature Film)
2004    Paper Moon Affair, Paper Moon Prod. (Feature Film)
1998    Hanging Out, National Film Board of Canada
1996    New York Tempest, United Film &  Video (TV Series )
1996    Enemy Amongst Us, Illusions Entertainment (Feature Film)