Joyce Lindemulder

It is my practice to be open to new ideas from personal conversations, memories, media sources, as well as the work of other artists, engaging with them in the visual conversation that is art. Approximately half of my current practice consists of placing brush to canvas. The scratching sound the brush makes invokes a meditative focus for me during the production of the painting itself.

While the bulk of my work deals with racism and sexism, and paintings dealing mainly with representational and figurative work, this current series of paintings evolved from a need to free myself from previous self-set constraints.

My process for painting this series involved restating and asserting. Aside from some standard artists brushes the acrylic paints were applied using a large house painting brush, my fingers, and a palette knife. Throughout the process the abstracted tree forms were restated several times. The background pushes forward with textured ridges, while the tree forms push forward with warm and hot colours. Thinly washed areas contrast with the thickly applied.

I am interested to see how this process will figure in future work.

A former professional website designer, emerging artist Joyce Lindemulder, began a search for her voice through art after tiring of client demands. On the way to her current status as a student in the inaugural year of the Low Residency Masters Program at Emily Carr University of Art & Design, she completed a BFA, also with ECUAD. She has received numerous awards including the Emily Carr University Achievement Scholarship in May 2009. Originally from Brampton Ontario, she has made previous homes for herself on the Manitoba prairies, the Lower Mainland, the Ottawa Valley, the shores of Kempenfelt Bay, and currently resides in the Comox Valley.

2012    Expected completion of Low Residency Master of Applied Arts, Emily Carr University of Art & Design, Vancouver, BC
2010    BFA, Emily Carr University of Art & Design, Vancouver, BC
2008    Fine Arts, North Island College, Courtenay, BC

Group Exhibitions
2010    The Shoe Show, Courtenay, BC (Curated by Jeff Hartbower)
2010    Emily Carr University of Art & Design Graduation Exhibition, Vancouver, BC
2010    Undone: Emily Carr University of Art & Design at NIC Graduation Exhibition, Comox Valley Art Gallery, Courtenay, BC
2009    On Second Thought, Muir Gallery, Courtenay, BC
2009    Neighbourhood, Muir Gallery, Courtenay, BC
2008    Strength of Mine, Comox Valley Art Gallery, Courtenay, BC (Curated by Anh Le)
2008    Fine Arts & Design Grad Show, Muir Gallery, Courtenay, BC
2008    Identity: Shaped by Popular Culture, Comox Valley Art Gallery, Courtenay, BC, (Curated by Connor Buchanan)
2008    Sat.u.ra.tion, Muir Gallery, Courtenay, BC
2008    Coffee, Tea or Sake, Comox Valley Art Gallery, Courtenay, BC
2006-2010   8 NIC Fall & Spring Art Events, Shadbolt Studios, North Island College

2009    “Four Emily Carr University artists giving talk Saturday,” Comox Valley Echo, Oct 23
2009    “Muir four discussing art,” Comox Valley Record, Oct 23
2009    “'On Second Thought' opens Friday,” Comox Valley North Islander, Sep 29
2008    “Artist admits she's a stickler when it comes to her research,” Comox Valley Record, May 7

Artist Talks & Presentations
2010    Artist Talk, Comox Valley Art Gallery, Courtenay, BC
2010    “A Few Art Works I Don't Like,” Comox Valley Art Gallery, Courtenay, BC
2009    Artist Talk, Muir Gallery, Courtenay, BC
2009    “Hidden in Plain Sight,” Comox Valley Art Gallery, Courtenay, BC

Scholarships & Awards
2009    Emily Carr University Achievement Scholarship
2008    Irving K. Barber British Columbia Scholarship
2008    North Island College, Dean's Honour Roll
2008    NIC Foundation, Peter Robinson Award of Excellence-Scholarship
2008    NIC Foundation, Highest GPA in Program-Scholarship
2007    NIC Foundation, Margaret Gracza Scholarship
2007    North Island College, Dean's Honour Roll