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Anonymous female figures, smoking cigarettes, lamps without shades and the high contrast of black and white create a mystery and tension in my work that is inspired by classic film noir of the 40's and 50's.  In using the symbols and gestures of the film medium I hope to create in charcoal a sense of pyschological isolation and apprehension that represents the anxiety experienced in by all of us in our alienating world of technological sociability.

envision the scene for each work by doing a series of quick graphite sketches.  I use these sketches to stage a pseudo film still with actors and settings that I then photograph.  I use these photographs as reference for the final charcoal drawings.

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2011    Bachelor Of Fine Arts, Emily Carr University of Art + Design,Vancouver, BC
1996    Vancouver Film School, Classical Animation, Vancouver BC
1987     Early Childhood Education, Langara College, Vancouver BC

Group Exhibitions
2010    Drawn, The Drawing Room, The Pendulum Gallery, Vancouver BC

2000    Nanny Fanny Poetry Magazine, Winter cover Art, Indianapolis, IN
2000    The Poet’s Market, Writer’s Digest Books, Winter Illustration, Cincinnati, Ohio    
2000    Nanny Fanny Poetry Magazine, Summer/Fall cover art, Indianapolis, IN
1999    Nanny Fanny Poetry Magazine, Winter cover art, Indianapolis, IN
1998    BPS Club, Logo for poster and t shirt, Vancouver, BC
1997    The Letter “K” (anim.), assisting, CBC/Sesame Street/International Rocketship Ltd., Vancouver, BC

2011    BMO 1st Art Invitational Student Art Competition, Drawing Nominee

Multi Media
1998      Dirty Habits, Pigpen Pictures, England
1996      Human Remains, Vancouver Film School, Vancouver BC

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