Bob Kronbauer

"My images are the product of a search for balance between living a metropolitan lifestyle while maintaining simplicity. An alternative to the fast-paced, disposable culture of the late 20th and early 21st centuries, my photography provides me with a different reality to inhabit. Here, the volume has been turned down and technology has been put on pause.

My photographs are not unlike the backgrounds of the dreams that haunt my sleep; ephemeral, yet somehow recognizable places and situations that I feel I've visited at some point but can never pin down. In my waking life I attempt to find these hauntings and capture them on film for proof that they may actually exist.

Beach Glass, Bob's first book of photography, was released in 2004 by Holy Water of London. His next book is due out in 2007.

Bob Kronbauer, a young, Canadian-born photographer and designer recently returned from a five-year stretch of living and working in Los Angeles. His resume includes work for Palm Pictures, acclaimed film director Spike Jonze, and urban influences Anthem, Stussy, and Arkitip.  Currently living in Vancouver, Bob is the art director of Crownfarmer, an international streetwear label.  He also works remotely on creative projects for clients worldwide.