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Karina Irvine

For the past year I have been interested in traditional aspects of storytelling in a range of forms. With this body of work I am using shadow puppetry as a means of telling a story and questioning the likelihood of the event. Oral story telling is a form of remembering, however, with consistent recapitulation what is being told gets elaborated on and therefore the facts become slightly skewed.

In this series I am focusing on the embellished facts, and different versions of the same story. This body of work entitled, "Retrospective Falsification" illustrates the various interpretations of an oral story, told by a family member or friend, the exaggeration of a character (The hound in The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle), and an altered version of a familiar legend (Loch Ness Monster). This distortion that inevitably takes place when retelling a story has caused mistrust in oral history, whether familial or societal.

  In oral story telling, the listener becomes a co-creator to the story, envisioning the tale as it moves along, just as my images inhibit a text for the viewer to interpret as a social narrative.

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