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Joy Anson  Bio         Exhibitions:   A Primitively Refined Imagination

I am not painting ideas but impressions. To me, painting is a language and if, through it, I can find a way to express mine, I am content. Colour excites and energizes me; it is an expression of joyous sensuousness.

The terms primitive, naÔve, cubistic have been used to describe my work. Flat surfaces and an absence of perspective relate to child art, but the execution of the work relates more to formal abstraction.

I lavish my affection primarily on architectural images; country or city houses, medieval churches and scenes of busy harbours. I also have a love for the figurative. Egon Schiele, German expressionist and Paolo Uccello, Florentine Renaissance artist, have been my great inspiration.

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Joy Anson was born in Derby, England in 1936, but has spent her adult life in British Columbia.

Anson was involved in art since she was four years old, drawing daily in her rhythmic way until she was a teenager.  Joy then began to illustrate her own stories. Although Joy went in search of art education In the 1970ís, and found it at the Peter Aspell School of Art in Vancouver, she remains a primarily self-taught, intuitive artist with a mastery of medium and a unique expression of the imagination.

Peter Aspell said of her ďAnson is stylistically independent and distinct. We always insist on putting artists into categories, so Joy Anson would fit into the primitive or naÔve style. This type of painting ranges from realistic to very childlike. Ansonís work is unique in that she has an unfailing sense of the abstract with a strong, almost cubist, sense of form. Her colour has a wide range from subtle black greys and beautiful whites to strong and passionate brilliance of hue. Anson is stylistically independent and distinct.  She offers a magical world but her art, though filled with charm and nostalgia has a true contemporary feeling and is always that of a fine abstract artist.Ē

Solo Exhibitions
2009  Hollander York Gallery, Toronto
2007  Hollander York Gallery, Toronto
2007  Fran Willis Gallery, Victoria
2004  Hollander York Gallery, Toronto
2002  Wallace Galleries, Calgary
1998  Wallace Galleries, Calgary
1996  Wallace Galleries, Calgary
1995  Vigari Gallery, Vancouver
1992  A.C.E. Gallery, Vancouver
1990  Atelier Gallery, Vancouver 1990  

Group Exhibitions
2013  Avenue Gallery, Victoria, BC
1991  Doheny fine Arts, Vancouver

2009/2010 MagazineArt

Public and Corporate Collections
Joy Anson's work is in collections across Canada, in the U.S. and Singapore

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