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Jennifer Chernecki  Bio    

I find my life to be romantic.

I possess an almost crippling need to create spaces and atmospheres. I enjoy invoking the senses and causing feelings of displacement amongst viewers. I use subversive acts and positioning to cause the double take or perhaps inspire self -psychoanalysis.  I entertain existential thoughts. I like to wonder "what ifs". I dream alternates to my current state of reality and then try to recreate them. I make children laugh with delight.

I love the freedom of choice that painting presents, and with it: the anxiety, the power struggle and the battle to control the chaos of its chemistry.  The process of creating an image entails a series of choices, each one equally as crucial and insignificant as the last, (as it is impossible to imagine the work as any other resultant). The importance, therefore, is not in the particular chosen steps of creating the work at all; rather it lies within the ability to make the choices: confidently, in the moment, and with hesitation and insecurities aside.
Eventually, at the height of the creative process, the immediate brain stops recognizing itself as having to make choices at all, the inertia of creation flattens itself into "sameness" and the artist is able to exist in a highly meditative state of calmness and control while continuing to work at almost frenetic pace.
This act of total immersion, the disappearance of time, the dismantling and reconstruction of signifiers and signified, neurological leaps and shifts and the complete and utter departure from all established "truths" This is the painter's high I lust after.   

My work speaks of moments of awareness and contemplation, of being discovered while performing deeply personal acts often stemming from radical knowledge and archaic belief systems.
Throughout the painting process the root ideas are allowed free reign to grow and change. This method of painting, as one that evolves and reacts throughout the entire practice, forces both artist and audience to re-think established ideals, meditate, and wonder, not only on the image facade but also on the painting process itself as an act of discovery.

Jennifer Chernecki currently acts as the artist-in-residence for the Pitt Meadows Museum and is co-director of the micro-utopic restoration and redesign of a 106-year-old manor home for artists and the creative like.

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Jennifer Chernecki - Dreaming Eyes of Wonder - click for larger image

Dreaming Eyes of Wonder
24 x 20 Inches 
oil on panel
$1,950 CDN
Jennifer Chernecki - Home (The Tragic Dilemma) - click for larger image

Home (The Tragic Dilemma)
18 x 18 Inches 
oil on canvas
$1,300 CDN
Jennifer Chernecki - So She Can Paint - click for larger image

So She Can Paint
14 x 11 Inches 
oil on canvas on panel
$550 CDN
Jennifer Chernecki - Winter Time Eternal - click for larger image

Winter Time Eternal
24 x 12 Inches 
oil on canvas on panel
$900 CDN
Jennifer Chernecki - Photosynthesis - click for larger image

14 x 11 Inches 
oil on canvas on panel
$550 CDN
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2008                   BFA, Emily Carr Institute
2003 - 2004        Language Studies, Capilano College
2001 - 2003        Visual Arts Diploma Program, UCFV

Group Exhibitions

2008            Tsawwassen Longhouse Gallery "Oil and Water"
                   The Emily Carr Institute "Emily Carr Undergraduate Exhibition"
2007            The Port Moody Arts Centre "The Wearable Arts Awards"      
                    The Chapel Gallery, Vancouver, "A Masquerade Party"
                    Instead Gallery, Vancouver  "I'd Rather Be in the Garden"
                    Concourse Gallery, Vancouver  "Craftshow: Reminiscent Inventions"
2006            Sir Toby's Hostel, Prague (Czech Rep.)  "Gypsy Room"
2003            Kariton Gallery, Abbotsford    "Emerging Artists"
                    UCFV Visual Arts Gallery, Abbotsford   "Senior Painting Show"
2002            Odd Spot Gallery, Abbotsford   "Peel"            

Performance Based Work
2007           The Chapel Gallery "Curiouser and Curiouser"
                   The Anza Club, Vancouver "The Mirka Show"
                   Roundhouse Community Center, Vancouver  "Dress Two Form"
                   Concourse Gallery, Vancouver "A Cut Above" (The Hairdresser)

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