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There is little comfort left in the idea of citizen-ship, especially when it comes to national citizenship. For this body of work I was interested in exploring the concept of the citizen not in terms of nationality, but rather in relation to youth and masculinity - knowing well that these topics are embedded with plenty of narratives around privilege, isolation, rebellion, agency, sexuality, alienation, nostalgia, fiction, to name a few.

I am interested in portraying unaltered sites - found locations - that reveal the subjectivity of my figures, despite their constructed roles.  The single figures in these images play on narratives that are collective and individual, ficticious and autobiographical, fantastic and banal.


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Born under the ever oscillating skies and long cast shadows of the Prairies there was time to think time to absorb.  This osmosis (a constant), created pathways paved of quiet glances.  The sun was direct seldom diffused.  This made shadows, broad moments of comfort and knowing.  A recognition of light and it's contours of absence.

Jeff Petry has been photographing and living in Vancouver and Vienna for the past 5 years.  Maintaining a life of constant change, not unlike the atmosphere of Manitoba where he was born in 1976, and raised until going abroad.  One of the founding members of the Cartelera Talent House and a member of Nobasura, Jeff spends most of his time in Vancouver surfing, traveling, & producing visual works.

Group Exhibitions
2007    Photo Mission : Three Stories - Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver

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