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Heekyung (Kay) Im

My recent works have taken various forms but mostly in painting. They are created after inspiring minimalism (the simplified lines, grids, shapes), gesture painting (the process of tearing canvas, pouring, splashing, and brushing paintings), and raw material (the use of different kinds of raw canvas and linen). I treat canvas/linen itself as not only painting surface which we often think as a neutral surface like white paper but also as a textured fabric/material.  

It was only less than a year ago that I began to interest in different materials, and I started to focus on woven surface of raw canvas. In the beginning, I did not know what I have to do with this interest in this material, but it happened to tear canvas into strips and wove them in various patterns. I have never thought a painting surface, canvas, itself can be used as a major material to work on art piece.  

I use a sketchbook drawing and note as a starting point in all media. From there it is a matter of working up the piece from the conceptual sketch to the finished piece. In this way, I can keep a track of my first intention of my work; however, they often turn out to be very different at the end. And this is also acceptable.  

I am fascinated by gestural and abstract art making process.

Click on the thumbnails below to view a larger image.

Heekyung (Kay) Im - One Way or Another - click for larger image

One Way or Another
47 x 47 Inches 
acrylic on canvas
Heekyung (Kay) Im - White as White - click for larger image

White as White
22 x 22 Inches 
torn canvas strips, acrylic
Heekyung (Kay) Im - Afraid Not (A Frayed Knot) - click for larger image

Afraid Not (A Frayed Knot)
32 x 42 Inches 
canvas, canvas strings, acrylic
Heekyung (Kay) Im - Black - click for larger image

15 x 15 Inches 
canvas, canvas strings, acrylic
Heekyung (Kay) Im - Sealed But Not Healed - click for larger image

Sealed But Not Healed
22 x 22 Inches 
torn canvas strips, acrylic
Heekyung (Kay) Im - Somehow - click for larger image

50 x 30 Inches 
acrylic on canvas
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