David Fushtey

David Fushtey is an emerging commercial sculptor, building on twenty-five years of international work and study. Educated in fine art in Ontario, Canada in the 1970s, he focused on stone sculpture in later studies in London, England, specializing in marble in Tinos, Greece and in granite in Vancouver, Canada. Studies in Russian and Japanese art and culture, and the Vangard (US West) Tour 2001, also inform his work.

He refers to the fusion or convergence of classical values and modern forms and icons, through technical excellence. His work has been described as counter-intuitive, bringing a quiet balance to a space.

Dave has worked with preschoolers, street-involved youth, university students, business professionals and community leaders. Private and public-art commissions, in stone and stainless steel, range from 1.5 m vertical works, to 7m x 40m large-scale installations of granite and graphic elements he calls petromemes.

"My preferred materials are black granite, white marble, and stainless steel interfaces. I study rhythm and balance, the rough and refined, in concept and finish. Part of me explains stone as an electro-chemical matrix; part of me is silenced by lessons in primal forces…. I work with hammer and chisel, diamond tools, and specialized torches. I enlist the aid of compressed air, electric power, fire and water -- techniques of generations past and of current experts. "Stone speaks of the history of our planet and our civilizations; it is the earliest and persistent record of lives lived, beliefs and aspirations. Art has been said to act subtly and manifestly on our lives. How will our work be received in five-hundred years, by people of different ages. Will it bring grace and beauty, with a twist? I seek better understanding and balance in design through sculpture."