Jason Froese

My recent studio work has been influenced by early archival photographs pertaining to western Canadian colonial history. What interests me most in these 19th century photographs are their imperfections – their faded and physically damaged appearances – their abstractions.  I exploit these found abstractions as I imitate and paint them with a critical intention upon figurative under-paintings of the prospectors and colonial profiteers derived from the very same photographs.  Applying these metaphorical scars, these palimpsests of imperfection, is a response to a questionable adherence to an heroic and sentimental past.

As a painter, I have been meandering between juxtaposing romantic and critical dialogues. Subverting my inherent desire to romanticize has taken a pivotal role in the way I am currently working conceptually and personally.



2006 BFA, Emily Carr Institute, Vancouver, BC
Solo Exhibitions
2007    Imperfect Pictures - Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver,BC
2004    Brier Rose, The Flower Factory, Vancouver, BC.
2001    Red Right Hand, Columbia Street Studio, Vancouver, BC.

Group Exhibitions
2006  Transition - Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2006  Hit the Showers, The Other Gallery, The Banff Centre, Banff, AB.
2006  White and Other Colours, Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver, BC.
2006  Grad Show, Emily Carr Institute, Vancouver, BC.
2006  Explicit Declaration: Queering Art and Politics, Emily Carr Institute Concourse Gallery, Vancouver, BC.
2006  Temporary display at Ministry of Tourism, Sport and the Arts, Vancouver, BC.
2005  The Alchemy Show, Emily Carr Institute Concourse Gallery, Vancouver, BC.
2003  Foundation Show, Emily Carr Institute Concourse Gallery, Vancouver, BC.

2006    Scholarship to Canadian Art Colleges' Collaborative Banff Residency ll, Banff, AB
2005    Kerry Black Scholarship, Vancouver, BC.
2004    BC Arts Council Senior Scholarship, Vancouver, BC.
2004    Brissenden Scholarship, Vancouver, BC.

Residencies and Symposiums
2006    Banff Summer Studio Residency, The Banff Centre, Banff, AB.

Selected Bibliography
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