Kate Fisher

In this body of work, I want to explore the art that exists not only in the product (the portrait) but in the process of making it. To me, the value of portraiture lies in the interaction between people. This interaction exists between the artist and the sitter, and then between the work and the viewer. The act of painting from life takes place over time, but the painting that results is a single image in which the temporal has become simultaneous.

Because of the prevalence of photography and video, it occurs to me that viewers have forgotten how to look at time distilled into space. And that subject's are unaccustomed to experiencing interpretations and representations of their image within the context of a temporally-based relational engagement. My intention is to collapse the disjunct between the acts of creating, participating and viewing by my process of creation, and by leaving implicit traces of the material construction. By placing my art practice within relationship, I attempt to remove it's mysticism and expose its magic.