Angela Fama

Individually, who we are is based on our conscious and subconscious memory merging together with our current here and now. When memory is lost, a relative sense of self is lost. In emulation and co-relation, the spaces that surround us also have this un-removable linkage.

I'm naturally drawn to the corners that are often forgotten: silent and unseen. These spaces are a part of the whole story, the proverbial dark within the light, the light within the dark. Some offer a saddening, current memory of departure, while others attempt a quiet portrayal of unchanged moments that continue to exist, presently re-creating.

Through this body of work, using camera's from the past (as relative proof of their full existence in the present) also co-relating with current photographic tools, I'm attempting to express the beauty I see and feel within these spaces.

Angela Fama, born 1976 in Summertown, Tennessee was raised primarily in Ottawa.  When she was 13 -16, her family moved to Africa and she spent her formative early teenage years in rural Zimbabwe.  After returning to Canada, Angela finished her secondary education at a high school for the arts in Ottawa. There she nourished a lifelong passion for photography, drawing and painting, winning the Focus Center Photography Award in 1995.

She relocated to Vancouver in 1997, exhibiting her work in numerous group and solo shows.  Angela received her Professional Photography Diploma in 2004 and continues to pursue photography both creatively and professionally.  She is a regular contributor to publications including Vancouver Magazine, Ion and The Georgia Straight, as well being a current member of the Cartelera Talent House Collective.

Group Exhibitions
2007 "Photo Mission : Three Stories" - Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver