Antonis Ensoe

For over a decade Ensoe has shown himself as a progressive and innovative graffiti writer, seeking to push boundaries and limits within the art, as well as pulling influences from other forms such as geometric and abstract art. He creates relevant and refreshing subject matter, leaving the viewer with something more to consider than the average tag.

Through traveling, networking, and painting worldwide he has established himself as a prevalent force among Canada's top graffiti artists. Today he works from his studio space in Vancouver's downtown east side, focusing on further legitimizing graffiti as a credible art form, and acting as a catalyst as the art transcends into the realm of abstraction.

Born and raised in East Vancouver, Ensoe has been actively involved in one art form or another for the better part of his life. It was not until attending Total Education, an alternative program offered by his secondary school, that he discovered his talent and passion for graffiti. As a self taught artist, he has gained his knowledge and understanding of the art form through friends, mentors, and submersing himself in the culture head-first.