Ever since attending art school in Toronto, I have been aware of the differences between Street art and Gallery art - the idea that street art has no relevance in the gallery setting.  The argument that once you take graffiti out of the streets and place it in the gallery, it ceases to be street art.  I believe the nature of graffiti to be the undoing of these ideas.  It surrounds us in so many public spaces : transit, mail boxes, basically everywhere.  Nowadays it even shows up in advertising.  Im not sure if  I've ever seen a gallery that wasn't open to the public.
Easer One was born in North Vancouver, British Columbia, in the early 80's.  He was raised in West Vancouver and learned what it meant to be a problem.  He showed interest in drawing from a very early age.  As he grew older his artwork became his passion.  He was introduced to graffiti in high school, and took on the name 'Easer'.  Meaning simply 'Easier'.  

Graffiti was not a popular activity in his hometown and he quickly earned a reputation with the police.  Unfazed he pressed on.  He moved from Vancouver to Toronto, persuing his love for graffiti.  Easer was accepted into the art program at the Ontario College of Art and Design, where he studied for several years.  After which he moved to Montreal briefly, before ultimately returning to the city he calls home.  Since then he has steadily painted graffiti anywhere he can and remains a prolific artist in Vancouver's, ever-changing, graffiti underworld.
2010    Justifyed: Art Crimes in America- with Bruce Pashak, Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver
2008    Hello Graffiti, The Fall Gallery, Vancouver
2005    Under Pressure, Montreal
2003-5   Art Stream, Ontario College of Art, Toronto