Reza Doust

" I come from Esphahan a well-known historical city of Iran. A city of original and traditional art and literature."

NOSTALGIA, covers a period of time from 1994 to 1999, when I started recording and updating my visual experience, expressing my inner feelings of being away from home and my past. Every piece of this collection represents moments of expressing my love and passion, remembering home; its narrow and repeatedly long alleys, the shadows of people on the walls, like the dark and stable figures of historical objects through the ages.

I could express this vividly and directly through the simple but strong media of charcoal, without color. But, if color appears in these series it is related to the concept of the history which I believe is blue, the Ultramarine blue, the symbolic blue color of the well known Esphahan Tiles. Alleys with walls and dark spaces, houses in the distance with window lights at night, trees, dark figures. All these are the main motives with which I interpret life and death.

To me life is a legend that helps us to discover the truth. I don't limit myself to the symbols but try surpassing them. Techniques are merely the means of recording our thoughts and expressing our vision.