I was born in East London in 1984 and got into graffiti from riding the underground subway. At the age of three or four I noticed all the colors on the outside and the inside of the trains. One day I got on the train with my dad and there was barely any light coming from the outside; it was all the paint, a whole-car train painted top-to-bottom end-to-end. There were tags on the ceilings, floors and seats and I remember liking them. The more I noticed them the more I paid attention.

As I got older this stuck with me and made me want to achieve what these super human graffiti writers had accomplished. I moved to Vancouver in '97; shortly after that started tagging and made friends with other writers I am still friends with today. My objective and goal is to bring my styles from the streets into the art world. The collections I put out execute just this. Nothing is sugar coated for the public; it is always uncut and pure.
Group Exhibitions
2011   We Heart Japan, Subway Gallery, London, UK. In response to the recent devastating events affecting
                Japan Subway Gallery has organized a fundraising group exhibition by emerging and established
                international artists. The aim is to raise funds to aid the Japanese people and awareness of
                BENEFIT FOR NIPPON.  100% proceeds were donated to THE JAPANESE RED CROSS SOCIETY.
                “Difi Mane” is closely connected to Japan by personal friendships and artistic involvement.  He
                sends his support and encouragement for everyone affected.
2010   The Art of Tagging, Subway Gallery, London, UK. The Subway Gallery is located in the Joe Strummer
                Subway off Edgeware Road station.  One of “Difi Mane’s” biggest achievements as it was his show
                that, curated and created the content which focused on the art of hand styles a.k.a. “tagging”; the
                raw expression of “filthy, dirty, grimy” styles.
2008    Hello Graffiti, Fall Gallery, Vancouver
2008    All Hands on Deck, Third Gallery Vancouver
2005-08    Fuji Rock Festival, Japan.“Difi Mane” was on the art team and designated a foot path walk way
              between stages which takes festival goers on a scenic route through the jungle. This is where
              RGM lll cuts out different images out of wood that “Difi Mane” designed such as insects, monkeys,
              and other jungle animals as well as words. These are suspended by fishing wire in the air on the
              walkway which gives the desired effect of graffiti in the bamboo jungle.
2004    Notting Hill arts Club, London, UK. “Dif and Dang Piece on You” A father and son tag team where
               Peace was the message displayed in 12 different languages including Russian and Japanese
               cut out of wood by Dang and painted by Dif.
2002    Fuji Rock Festival, Japan. An outdoor music festival in Naeba with acts from all over the world with the
               biggest names in music/performing arts. This is where “Difi Mane” first collaborated with RGMIII to
               create cut out graffiti.