Demos was born and raised in Beautiful British Columbia. He has been doing graffiti and street art for over 10 years and maintains a strong presence as one of the key figures in Vancouver's underground scene today. He has spent the majority of the past four years backpacking around the world. Everywhere he goes he is constantly painting and doing street art.

Known for going "BIG" while putting his name in high traffic areas and in unorthodox ways he has made a name for himself in the worldwide graffiti and art community. Demos has been given extensive and serious exposure on major graffiti websites such as Art Crimes, Bombing Science, and Senses Lost to name a few. He has also had his art work show in numerous graffiti and street art magazines from around the world including the latest book Graffiti Asia (2010).

Places traveled include the entire east coast of Australia, Europe, Central America and all of South East Asia including Myanmar (Burma). He has also done his fair share of traveling around the North West and has been up and down the West Coast of North America countless times.

While traveling Demos has fallen in love with Photography and has pushed himself to gain knowledge and express creativity in his Art. He blends street art and photography together to give a unique perspective often hard to capture. Through taking countless photos he has found a strong connection between the two, and has recently attended Vanarts studying photography, which has made him look at graffiti from a new perspective. It has also given him refreshing ideas, which he has taken and added to his fine art. Color theory, composition, originality and fine attention to detail is always present in his work.

Demos has attended…

Under Presure, Montreal (2008)
Featured artist @ Sunburst Music Festival in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (2008,2009).
Featured artist @ JWMN/ X-games in Bangkok, Thailand (2009).
Been Here show in Taipei, Taiwan. and Hong Kong. (2009).