Rebecca Daly

My artistic interest has always been directed at the relationship between sculpture and painting and over the years, the two have somehow become interdependent. Although my finished pieces are hung on the wall, I do not see them strictly as paintings. Painting involves the application of colour to a surface but when there is no surface to begin with, the piece is transformed.


The aspect of painting I have always struggled with is the tendency to erase movements and brush strokes until eventually they become veiled and forgotten. By using a transparent material as my structure, canvas and paint, I am able to reveal every little step of my process, whether intentional or not. Each layer adds purpose and importance to the one before, rather than trying to concealing it.


Because the material begins in liquid form, the most exciting part of my practice is its ability to continue moving and changing long after it has left my hand. There comes a feeling of collaboration between myself and the medium, with both of us playing an equal role. I'm in control before the first drop of resin lands and then not again until each layer has transformed to a solid state. In between, I'm simply an assistant while the material spreads and explores, hardening when it's found its place.

Born and raised in Kenora Ontario, I hadn't really explored art until my last year of high school. It was then that I fell in love with art and design and decided to pursue it as a career choice. I came to Victoria in 2003 to attend the University of Victoria, recently graduating with a bachelor in Fine Arts with plans to obtain a Masters Degree in design and architecture.
Group Exhibitions
2007 "Greased Wheels" - Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver