Neil Chaikel


Warm glass flowing, softening its razor edges,
surrendering to heat and gravity.
Turning to fall in balance to the forces.
Fusing on contact, freezing when cooled.
Seizing the moment that tells the story of its dance.

Neil Chaikel
Vancouver, British Columbia

Neil Chaikel has designed and sculpted glass since 1984 when he first slumped glass (a glass-forming process) in his ceramic studio in Lund, a small fishing community on the West Coast of British Columbia.

His unique process entails arranging and kiln firing flat glass over original, intricately designed and constructed ceramic drop-through moulds. By varying and juxtaposing the glass, Neil has unlocked opportunities for exploring collections of distinctive and exciting forms.Each piece is one-of-a-kind.

Neilís inspiration to search for original innovative form progressed naturally through his training in Industrial Design at Pratt Institute in New York.His work is presently shown in Vancouver, Victoria, Montreal and Seattle.

Neilís studio is now located in the Kerrisdale district of Vancouver, British Columbia.