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I have often grappled with the personal nature of my work and have fought the urge to label it autobiographical. Instead I have sought ways to extrapolate 'the personal' into works that speak to grander concepts of recollection, and of nostalgia.

In this most recent series I have approached the matter head-on. I have resurrected old images of my grandparents in hopes of mapping them somehow; of re-recording them. While the images existed in photo albums, static and rarely seen, I brought them to light with the expectation that I may better understand each individual.

Not surprisingly, the more I looked to the photographs for this understanding, the more abstract each person became: turning at once from grandparents, to virtual storybook characters. Returning to the photo album from which I had drawn most of my inspiration- a garish floral one that I distinctly recall from childhood- I came to the conclusion that I should represent the thing itself. In turn, each 'character' has been given a book cover- a design inspired by the fabric of the original photo album. In the end, each piece can be seen as volume in a set; individual stories that come together to from a whole.

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Caitlyn Brittania Terry - William - click for larger image

10 x 16 Inches 
mixed media
Caitlyn Brittania Terry - Irene - click for larger image

10 x 16 Inches 
mixed media
Caitlyn Brittania Terry - Doris - click for larger image

10 x 16 Inches 
mixed media
Caitlyn Brittania Terry - Alfred - click for larger image

10 x 16 Inches 
mixed media
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2007   Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto, ON. B.F.A. With Distinction.
2006   Study abroad program; OCAD. Florence, Italy.

Solo Exhibitions
2006   Absolent. Mayday Club Via Dante Alighieri 16/R, Florence Italy.

Group Exhibitions
2008    A 35 Step Program; Ontario Arts Council project for Nuit Blanche, October 4th.
2007    Graduate Review. Edward Day Gallery, 952 Queen Street West, Toronto.
2007    Tour de Force: OCAD Graduate Exhibition, 100 McCaul Street, Toronto.
2006    Electrified. Espresso Etc. 350 Dundas Street West, Toronto.
2006    Those Who Go, Those Who Stay: Dig It. Via Nazionale 7, Florence, Italy.
2006    Live Art Event, Dolce Zucchero, Florence, Italy.
2006    Absolent. Solo Show. Mayday Club Via Dante Alighieri 16/R, Florence Italy.
2005    The 23 Show. Via Nazionale 7, Florence, Italy.
2004    The Little Art Show, 11 Sunlight Park Road, Toronto. Nov. 20th

Northern Secondary Art Award, 2002/03.
Robert Zawerbny Award for Illustration, 2001/02.

2007   Patricia Alpert Memorial Scholarship
2006   Elizabeth Blackstock Tuition Scholarship

Related Employment
2009    NOW Magazine “MyStyle” photographer.
2008    Photographer’s Assistant. Heartline Pictures, 401 Richmond, Toronto.
2006    Prop fabrication for Canada Council Grant animation The Devil and Mr. Twardowsky.
2005    Stage Design, Dances Through Disaster, Theatre Passe Muraille, Paprika Festival.
2004    Illustration, Project for the Museum of Civilization, Ottawa.
2004    Circle Media, 401 Richmond West, Toronto, ON.
2003    Illustration, Circle Media, 401 Richmond West, Toronto, ON.

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