Sande Brinson

Inspired by organic shapes and undulating forms, I have intuitively created imaginative scapes (land, body, emotional, spiritual) of an ethereal nature.  With the medium of oil on canvas, I enhance the atmospheric effect in my work by applying layers of rich colour and creating varied textures, allowing the paint itself to have a voice.

Playing with the sense of ambiguity, I invite the viewer to question whether or not they are seeing a micro or macro view; or the relationship between physical land or body and the imagery of space.   The play between these different points of view suggests their similarities. The idea of connecting the intimate or microscopic view of land or body scapes with space or satellite scapes will convey to the viewer the close relationship between these disparities. The colour in my painting acts a vehicle for mood and emotion and to convey the transcendental and sublime.

I have been strongly influenced by Colourfield painters, the Abstract Impressionist movement, photographer Lennart Nilsson (the Swedish photographer who developed the endoscope which can photograph the interior of the human body), and also the Hubble Telescopic images of space.  The merging of these forces has resulted in my paintings of scapes which challenge the viewer's reality of previously established boundaries of body, our universe and introduce a gestalt view of life.