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Bonni Reid

As the daughter of an eccentric mechanical engineer and a stiff-upper-lipped British nurse, Bonni Reid lives in the space where these two worlds meet. The fact that these two worlds do not actually mesh hasn't stopped her from residing there.

Exploring the underpinnings, bumps, and anomalies in all manner of historical arcana, Bonni Reid's subject matter reflects a dark underlying mythos that belies the innocence, wonder, and imagination of a hazy past.

Bonni Reid lives in the West End of Vancouver, British Columbia. Her work has appeared in various galleries including DvA Gallery in Chcago and La Luz de Jesus in LA. Aside from brewing her own visual concoctions, she has been a colour designer in the animation business for 15 years.

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Bonni Reid - Lunaria - click for larger image

12 x 14 Inches 
egg tempera & oil on board
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