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Barb Moore  Bio    

I consider myself a painter, rather than an artist who paints.  I enjoy other modes of art and art production, but I'm partial to painting. I want to draw, do installations, maybe object design and craft, but I have to paint. I rely on my paintings as vitality and as a vessel for exchange.

I'm attracted to shiny objects because of their ability to reinterpret the world. Within these objects, the world is no longer strictly linear and can no longer be easily dropped into a formula to be captured and re-presented. I'm interested in the distortion of environments within these objects, and the tangible fluidity of internalizing space.

Volcano, for example, is a rendered painting of a particular object encapsulating memories, experiences and relationships, unable to be translated in a physical form.  Within shiny objects such as this, representation and abstraction literally collide.  I use reflective surfaces to reinterpret my surroundings - to isolate them for investigation and play.  In the moment of painting, I am able to slow time down and allow my sentiments and my body to determine my degree of understanding.  For me, it is only in this moment that time becomes more of a variable than a dependant. I'm not a shiny object, but I believe that in certain aspects, as in the aforementioned, we work very similarly.

Click on the thumbnails below to view a larger image.

Barb Moore - Volcano - click for larger image

32 x 72 Inches 
oil on canvas
Barb Moore - Wet Kettle - click for larger image

Wet Kettle
66 x 60 Inches 
oil on canvas
Barb Moore - Doublespoon - click for larger image

72 x 42 Inches 
oil on canvas
Barb Moore - Ture - click for larger image

66 x 60 Inches 
oil on canvas
Barb Moore - Suburbia, Alberta - click for larger image

Suburbia, Alberta
48 x 72 Inches 
oil on canvas
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Barb Moore recently graduated with a BFA in Visual Arts from the Emily Carr Institute, where she received the Governor Generals Academic Metal for achieving the highest academic standing in a Bachelor degree program.  She has participated in local exhibitions including Drawing Exp. '07, Gaff Gallery, The International Flipbook Festival, Western Front, and Fresh, 1095 W. Pender, among others.  Barb was born in Edmonton, Alberta, and currently lives and works in Vancouver.  

Group Exhibitions
2007 "Greased Wheels" - Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver

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