Originally from Kamloops, BC Asesr now resides in Vancouver, BC. Since a young age he has always had a fascination for art - particularly with shapes and letterforms - but it wasn't until high school that he was introduced to graffiti. Once introduced, it took over, allowing Asesr the ability to express himself artistically with this new medium.

Asesr studied traditional art, photography and design at a University level before moving into a career as a Graphic Designer. He has gained knowledge and influence from everything around him - his friends, surroundings and his passion for culture and travel has helped shape his art into what it is today. Graffiti has enabled him to have a unique outlook on traditional art forms, design, and the way life is perceived.

For over a decade he has tried to push his own abilities; always looking for the next idea to help further where he is at with the art form. His art works demonstrate expression and energy while holding structure, balance and attention to detail.

Through his travels and time spent living overseas Asesr has had the opportunity to work closely with artists from around the world while leaving his mark wherever he has been.