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My painting presents a brutalist perspective of the body in heightened, melodramatic states. I am interested in depicting banal subjects as elevated and allegorical, in which representations often refer to their own physicality and – through the gestural application of paint – the nature of painting.

The visceral and emotive approach toward my paintings stems largely in part from a cathartic incident in 2008, in which I was a victim of a hate-crime assault. In the aftermath of this period I became fascinated by ideas surrounding masculinity and began exploring the correlation between bodily fluids (namely blood, puss) and the physical properties of paint.

Most of my work since has engaged a dialogue of sexuality, identity, and a confrontation of the conceptual understanding of self/other. Through my treatment of form and content, I ask the viewer to consider the technical aspects of my paintings (colour, shape, substance, and composition), the metaphorical role that media assumes in my work, and finally the relationship of my paintings to a greater narrative and mythology, in which each subject is related to ideas of sexuality, pyschology, and convalescence. As a result, my work often uses personal history to approach universal themes, and a politics that I view as deeply personal, yet resoundingly human.

The work I have been completing recently challenges substance versus symbolism as integral to the reading of the work. Currently, my painting depicts figures in which the oily, silky qualities of paint reference a painterly fleshiness akin to the nature of the subject itself, predominating the paint as the fundamental, metaphorical avenue to approach the works, referring to (or despite) their highly sexualized and homoerotic nature.

This work seeks  duality to distance itself from its literal foundation to engage with an exploration of color, reduction of forms, and triumph of substance as seductive, overt, and playful. By reducing the literalness of the image in preference of a sensual painted surface, I hope to create work that engages with a continuously forming language of painting and representation.

While my previous painting work was a direct response to the aforementioned assault, it is my desire to re-approach painting as a medium to explore different notions of identity and self, including thematic ideas of narcissism, doppelgangers, and technically (and primarily) abstraction. By exploring the history of the painted subject as well as ideas surrounding figurative and abstract painting, I attempt to subvert specific art-historical tropes, pairing traditional subject matter with contemporary (technical) ideas of ambivalence, substance, and playfulness.

I approach idealist views of youth and beauty imbued conscientiously, honestly, and self-awarely by drawing attention to the purely tangible properties of paint itself and pulling the viewer away from the sutures of the represented subject. It is my goal to draw attention to the painterly and the formal, predominating the medium as integral to the understanding and formation of my work, and referencing painting as both 'act' and 'medium'.

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Andrew Salgado (b.1982 Regina, Canada)

Andrew’s emotive, large-scale and gestural oil paintings and visceral, sexually charged videos are an intense exploration of the body, identity, and sexuality through an approach that pre-dominates ‘paint’ as material and metaphor. In 2005 he was the sole painter to represent Canada in the 5th International Francophonie in Niger. His work has since been collected and exhibited internationally, including North America, Great Britain, Europe, and the Middle East.

Recent achievements include the inaugural exhibition at Gift, London, the GLAAD Art Awards in New York, and inclusion in film festivals in Bulgaria, Germany, and Switzerland. A solo painting exhibition in Vancouver, Canada (2008) was widely praised, and a solo video exhibition in Oslo, Norway (2010) screened his controversial video-work nightly onto a public street. Recently he was awarded placement in the prestigious East Wing Academy Hang at London’s Somerset House alongside artists Tracey Emin and Gary Hume.

In 2010 he was accepted for a residency at ARC Cairo, the distinguished artist-in-residence program at CAMAC, Marnay-Sur-Seine, France, and Compeung Village of Creativity, in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Andrew has been invited to head curate an exhibition of emerging artists, entitled I Am Solitary I Am An Army for Surface Gallery, Nottingham in 2010.

An edition of his work and theory, entitled Paint Your Black Heart Red, was published in 2009, and an excerpt of his theoretical writings will be published in A Visual Reader, an anthology by The Art Institute of Chicago Press in 2011.  

He has an undergraduate degree in painting and art theory from the University of British Columbia (2005), and completed a Master Degree from the renowned Chelsea College of Art in London, England (2009).

He has worked closely with the art gallery and consulting agency Beers Lambert Contemporary Art, in curatorial and exhibiting capacities. Beers Lambert is located in Berlin, Germany. www.beerslambert.com

Andrew currently lives and works between Vancouver, Canada and Berlin, Germany.

2009    Chelsea College of Art and Design, Master of Fine Art. London, England.
2005    University of British Columbia, Bachelor of Fine Art and Film Studies. Vancouver, Canada.

Solo Exhibitions
2011    Title TBA, Gift. 10 Vyner Street Gallery, London, England.
2010    Paint Your Black Heart Red, public video exhibition, Atopia Galerei, Oslo, Norway.
2008    Boys’ Night Out: New Paintings, Interurban Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
2007    Queens & Cavalry, Framemasters Gallery, Regina, Canada.
2006    Paintings with People, Cumberland Gallery, Legislative Building, Regina, Canada.
2005    what i learned in university, with Jon Loewen – AMS Gallery, Vancouver, Canada.
2004    Something Bittersweet, 5th Parallel Gallery, Regina, Canada.
2003    Gods w/ Shoes, Saskpower Gallery on the Roof. Regina, Canada

2010    Shortlisted: Fringe MK Painting Prize. (Results Pending). Milton Keynes, UK.
2010    Corporate Purchase Award: Toronto Artist Project. Toronto, Canada.
2010    UNTAPPED Art Fair: Emerging Artist Award Recipient. Toronto, Canada.
2010    The Courtauld Institute of the Arts: East Wing Nine Academy Hang. London, UK.
2008    Saskatchewan Youth Award. Regina, Canada.
2007    Nominated, Saskatchewan Lieutenant Governor's Arts Award. Regina, Canada

Residencies and Symposiums
2010    Compeung Creative Village. Fully Funded Residency. Chiang Mai, Thailand.
2010    CAMAC Centre for Arts.Residency, Marnay Sur Seine, France.
2010    Creatives in Residence. Lijiang, China.
2010    ARC Artist Residency Cairo. Residency Award recipient. Cairo, Egypt.

Professional Experience
2010    Lead-Curator, I Am Solitary I Am An Army exhibition. Surface Gallery, Nottingham, UK.
2010    Juror and assistant curator. War & The Body exhibition for City University. London, England.
2010    Curatorial/consultation advisor with Beers Lambert Contemporary Art. www.beerslambert.com
2010    Tutor for 2010 Postgraduate Diploma students. Chelsea College of Art, London, England.
2009:    Seminar leader for 2010 Master students. Chelsea College of Art, London England.
2009    Chelsea College of Art 2009 MFA Final Exhibition curator. London, England.
2009    Painting portraits for Children. Children’s Workshop  S.Fraser University. Vancouver, Canada.
2008    Curator and gallery director. Interurban Gallery. Vancouver Canada.
2008    Ocanku Duta Amani. On-reserve Aboriginal research project. Qu’Appelle Valley, Canada.
2005    UBC TREK. Coordinator, designer, and liaison for inner-city mural. Vancouver, Canada.
2005    Sole Canadian painter selected from nation-wide pool to represent Canadian painting in 5th
2005    Francophonie Games. Niamey, Africa. http://pch.gc.ca/progs/ai-ia/fi-if/jdlf_e.cfm.
2005    Exhibition Committee Curator. University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.
2005    Created on-site learning modules for Indigenous persons’ artisans. Panama City, Panama.
2004    Arts Society Contributor. University of British Columbia. Vancouver, Canada.

Selected Group Exhibitions
2011    Title TBA, Location TBA. Rome, Italy.
2010    Art For Life, Vancouver, Canada.
2010    I Am Solitary I Am An Army, Curator and exhibitor. Surface Gallery, Nottingham.
2010    Emergence, Vancouver, Canada.
2010    UNTAPPED Art Fair Toronto, Emerging Artist Award Recipient, Toronto, Canada.
2010    Cortauld’s East Wing IX Academy Hang, Somerset House, London.
2010    Gstaad Film Festival, Gstaad, Switzerland.
2009    10 VYNER,  London, UK
2009    Tate the Biscuit, Shoreditch, London, UK
2009    Art for Life Auction, Vancouver, Canada
2009    GLAAD Art Auction, New York, New York
2009    Affordable Art Fair – Recent Graduates, Affordable Art Fair, London, England
2009    Chelsea Will Show You A Brighter Future,  MA Final Exhibition. London, England
2009    CHAOS, CHAOS G.A.S. Berlin, Mitte, Berlin, Germany
2009    Refutation OV, Pepper St Ontiod, London, England.
2009    Videoholica International Video Festival,Varied Locations, Varna, Bulgaria
2009    Public Platform Inclusion, Gallery Turn-Berlin, Berlin, Germany
2009    Askew, Fortescue Avenue Gallery, London, England
2009    Condensation, Bodhi Gallery, London, England
2009    Chelsea MAFA Interim Exhibition – Chelsea College of Art, London, England
2009    NYAXE, NYAXE Gallery, Palo Alto, California
2008    The Dead – Mountpleasant UBC Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
2007    New Portraits,  Kohon Designs Inc. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
2006    Paintings with People, Cumberland Art Gallery, Regina, Canada
2005    The 5th Games of the International Francophonie, Niamey, Niger, Africa
2005    UBC BFA Graduation Exhibition – Tinseltown, Vancouver, Canada
2004    One Lonely Night – AMS Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
2004    We the City – Bishop’s Court Gallery, Regina, Canada
2004    NonFiction – Hut M18, Vancouver, Canada.

Selected Collections
Peter Witham-Gallagher. London, UK.
Melek El Nimer. Beirut, Lebanon.
Niko and Geli Starbatty. Munich, Germany, and London, UK.
Louis Lazzarra, Los Angeles, California.
Roth Niven, Vancouver, Canada.
Drs. Jacquie and Morris Schumiatcher. Glass installation for private collection. Regina, Canada.

2011    “Theorizing Masculinity and Sexuality: Marginalization, Narcissism, and the Sexual Body.”
2011    Published in A Visual Reader. 2011. Chicago Institute of the Arts. Chicago, USA.
2010    “Explicit Paint in Art History.” Lecture. International Journal of Arts & Sciences, Central Connecticut
               State University, USA. Presented at Bad Hofgastein, Austria.
2010    Courtauld Institute’s East Wing IX Academy Hang. Exhibition publication. London, UK.
2010    “Designing a Concept...” Lecture. Int’ Conference on Technology & Society. Berlin, Germany.
2009    Paint Your Black Heart Red. Published in collaboration with Beers Lambert. Available online
               at www.andrewsalgado.com/pybhr.htm
2008    “Prose and Contemporary Art.” Lecture, University of Regina for English Dean Lynn Wells.
2005    “Plender’s Masterpiece” Online: Saatchi-gallery.co.uk/artists/olivia_plender_articles.htm
2004    Multidisciplinary Research Conference, peer-reviewed presentations on “Postmodern
              Condition” and “Death of the Museum Space”. University of British Columbia, Canada.

Selected Press
2010    The Validation of Art: Internet Platforms on Process of Contemporary Artists. Sara Forsythe.
2009    Skewedmagazine.com/SkewedMagazine/past_issues_files/skewed%20%2004.pdf
2008    Xtra West, www.xtra.ca/public/Vancouver/Portrait_of_the_artist_as_a_bloody_man-5454.aspx
2008    Beyond Robson www.beyondrobson.com/arts/2008/09/swarm_08_featuring_andrew_salgado

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