Brooke Anderson

The expanse of earth and sky in my work invites the viewer to glimpse a sense of the Mysterium Tremendum.  Our intrinsic connection to the land as it nourishes us both spiritually and physically is an inseparable component to the impenetrable mysteries of the human condition.  As I contemplate the landscape as place and space created for human beings to exist in the world, I am filled with humility and feelings of connectedness to something much more profound than myself, a part of something bigger. Probing the pastoral subject through my painting provides the opportunity to examine the past and present, and expresses the longing for a return to a state of grace.


My vision is informed by my spiritual beliefs as I reach to explore the numinous in the natural world, the seen and the unseen.  The process of painting these imaginary, waking, dream spaces is an opportunity to reach for a harmony of line, color and tonal value that exceeds the boundaries of traditional pastoral art. My approach to romanticism in the 21st Century is to create an arena that is inclusive, inviting and inspiring.

S. Brooke Anderson was born in Vancouver, British Columbia and raised in the southern California desert.  Both of these very different landscapes- the rain forest and the desert find expression in her work today.  Brooke began painting at the age of six with her mother, also an artist, who inspired her love of color, form and theory. After returning to British Columbia to study Fine Arts at Notre Dame University in Nelson, Brooke traveled widely throughout the world continuing her study of painting. The subtle beauty of Japanese art enticed her to immerse herself in Japanese culture, and study shodo (Japanese calligraphy) for several years.  These cultural influences emerge in her work on many different levels.

Her recent exhibition at The Japanese Overseas Migration Museum in Yokohama,  Japan was the first time the Museum juxtaposed their historical collection with contemporary art. S.Brooke Anderson paints full time, and resides in Vancouver, British Columbia.

2000-2002  Studied under renowned Filipino
                  artist Sym Mendoza, Richmond, B.C.
1996-1998  Japanese Calligraphy Study
                  Kyoto, Japan
1984-1986  Laguna Beach, California
                 Portraiture study
1972-1975  Notre Dame University
                 Nelson, B.C.
                 Fine Arts Program

Group Exhibitions
2007 "Resonance" - Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver